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The Science of Ascension – Positrons Have Arrived to Transform Our Reality

30 Apr

Volkswagen XL 1 Banned in America – It Does 260 mpg… Oil Companies Said NO WAY!

30 Apr

Alfred Lambremont Weber 4-27-14… “Nikola Tesla re-started Earth’s Exopolitical communications with an intelligent civilization on Mars in 1901”

30 Apr

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Click to enlarge IMAGE A – NY Times, Jan. 16, 1901 – 70 minute light flash from Mars inspired Tesla to initiate communications with intelligent Martian civilization

This is quite an extensively researched article Alfred put out 2 days ago.. I’ve not read the full article yet, but it sure appears interesting. And a key insight into when the more modern extraterrestrial communications began (and perhaps yet one more read=son why Tesla (and others) were compromised and/or silenced).


mars_is_peopled_want_kirks_soap IMAGE B – 1893 Kirk’s Soap Ad, capitalizing on popular interest in intelligent life on Mars and showing the openness of Life on Mars reality in American life prior to the paranoia following the 1952 US Capitol UFO flyover and the 1953 CIA’s Durant Report/Robertson Panel
Nikola Tesla restarted Earth’s Exopolitical communications with an intelligent civilization on Mars in 1901

by Alfred Lambremont Webre [4-27-14]

VANCOUVER, BC – There is substantial documentation of Nikola…

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This Is Unbelievable! A Musical Band Of Flying Robots!?

30 Apr

In Order To Incarnate To Earth You Had To Master Manifestations

30 Apr

RED ALERT: On July 1, 2014 the U.S. Dollar Will Officially Collapse – H.R. 2847 Goes Into Full Effect

29 Apr

QEG Assembly — In Pictures

29 Apr

New Earth Paradigm

Looking Into the Core of the QEG Looking Into the Core of the QEG

The Core of the QEG arrived in Aouchtam on Thursday night late. By Friday mid-day the QEG Workshop was humming with activity.

The photo on the left  shows the four quadrants of the Core. Two sections are considered “primary” or the parts that will produce resonance frequency. The other two sections are called “secondary” and produce output frequency. The Core contains over 300 individual steel plates that are 17.5 1000th of an inch thick, stacked one upon the other and then wrapped in “inverter-duty” grade 10-guage wire. The white covering is additional insulation material. You can see the wrapped wire under this covering. What the Team learned in Taiwan was that the QEG is a high-voltage, low-current generator. They had thought it was the other way around. With this new understanding — that power as high as 25,00 volts could be produced with…

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