Why this Windows 10 feature is freaking everyone out

31 Jul

Alis Castano via Dutchsinse
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If you get Windows 10.. TURN THIS OFF IMMEDIATELY!
All your facebook friends can get access to your home wi-fi or home network if they’re within range…… IF you have this turned on.
They think this is safer then having a wifi password that you share when needed?
All your facebook, skype friends get access if they’re by your house?
Access to your network without your knowledge … IF you have this on?
Is Microsoft dumb on this topic? Just because you’re facebook friends or skype associates doesn’t mean you want these people to have access to your home network.
How would you guys like ME having access to your home networks if you’re friends with me????
I have “friends” on facebook from every city around the world — thus — if you get windows 10 — this will be ON by default — and I can just come to your city, check your facebook to see where you actually reside, and then go log on to your internet.
Good one Microsoft!
This should be an app that you can install IF YOU WANT to have this option, not a built in feature.


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