@KarenHudes Re: Transparency – a contact wants me to have Euroclear account nos.

27 Jul

Re: Transparency – a contact wants me to have Euroclear account nos. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter7.27.16.pdf 

The World Bank          1818 H Street N.W.           (202) 473-1000                 INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT         Washington, D.C. 20433                   Cable Address: INTBAFRAD                 INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION                                                                 U.S.A.                                                            Cable Address: INDEVAS

July 27, 2016

Yesterday I posted the live DCTV broadcast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx65bnsc3zo https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvteleprompt7.26.16.pdf

The response was generally favorable. At first YouTube declined to run the video, but reconsidered since the videos which I have uploaded on archive.org are seen by as many viewers:                                                               https://archive.org/details/KarensDvd21           https://archive.org/details/TheNetworkOfGlobalCorporateControlSecretSocietiesConverted                                                                                                                                                         and have the added cachet that they are being censored by YouTube. Instead, YouTube took the video and then added a minute of black at the start. I have disclosed how YouTube is owned by Google and that Google was created by the CIA. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvteleprompt6.2.16.1.pdf

At minute 10:30 I spoke about the Greek austerity program being unnecessary since the Network of Global Corporate Control identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf is insolvent and that the news of the Global Currency Reset had appeared in major Greek newspapers.

This morning the Greek Embassy in Brussels sent me the following notice that their email address had changed.

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