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19 Oct

Richard Love7 hours ago
Can you please tell me when the global currancy reset will happen, thanks.

Karen Hudes1 second ago
That is why I showed the domino clip. This depends on the chain reaction among the BRICS, the public in the BRICS, the Joint Japan Committee under the Status of Forces Agreement. I am actively “working the problem” and reporting back every week on progress. Obviously, with the upcoming bogus election coming up things are a bit “ticklish”, as you can
see from this recent comment:

As a woman, do you believe crooked Hillary Clinton DESERVES the Presidency?

Karen Hudes20 minutes ago
You have not been following what I have been saying about the election, which is only a psyop. There can be no election when the Constitution is not in effect, when the voting machines are rigged. I do not have anything good to say about that Knight of Malta Trump, either.

Read more: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter10.19.16.pdf

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