‘Philippines delivers major blow to US imperial ambitions in Asia’

22 Oct
Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:37PM
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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement of his country’s “separation” from the United States and marriage to China is a “major blow to US imperial ambitions in Asia,”according to an American a writer and retired professor.  

James Petras, a professor emeritus of sociology at Binghamton University in New York, and adjunct professor at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

During a visit to China on Thursday, President Duterte announced a “separation from the US,” saying the separation applied to military and economic cooperation between Washington and Manila.

Despite this public snub, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter insisted on Friday that his country intends to keep its alliance commitments to the Philippines.

“We have important alliance commitments which we intend to keep in the Philippines,” Carter said, adding, “Obviously any relationship is one of mutuality and we will continue to discuss that with our Philippine counterparts.”

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter (L) comes out from the building for an enhanced honor cordon to welcome South Korean National Defense Minister Han Min-goo at the Pentagon on October 20, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia. (Photo by AFP) 
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (R) speaks during a meeting with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte (not pictured) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on October 20, 2016. (Photo by AFP) 

Professor Petras said, “President Duterte has marked out a new direction for Philippine policy, because the Philippines has been a colony of the United States either officially or unofficially.”

“And as a result it’s the poorest country in Southeast Asia despite the fact that it has a very advanced education system and many, many scores of thousands of skilled professionals – many of them work abroad,” he added.

“With the rise of China I think that there is great opportunity here on the basis of Chinese financing and accommodating the Philippine needs for development,” the scholar said.

“We will see a very great change in Philippine policy. Instead of serving as a military base for the United States to attack China, I think they are going to reduce their military ties to the United States, and expand their economic ties with China, and as a result, I think, the US will eventually lose one of their key military outposts controlling China’s trade on the South China Sea,” he noted.

“I think this is a major blow to US imperial ambitions in Asia. And, I think, it’s recognition among the Philippine people that they a future in economic relations with China, rather than military dependency on the United States,” Professor Petras concluded.

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john1 hour ago
isolate America they have nothing good to offer the world
cmoa1 hour ago
Death to Zionism
Syrian1 hour ago
Anyone who’s been awake thru-out the Syrian crisis can expect an inflow of cia-Islamists for a cia-style jihad against this Philippino president
historical fact5 hours ago
Before the Yanks remove the Taliban under Mulla Umar, there was zero opium production. After the Yanks “liberated” Afghanistan, there has been a sea of opium floating towards Iran, Russia, Pakistan, and the rest of the world.
defenderm> historical fact4 hours ago
Stafford6 hours ago
President Duterte may need to keep an eye on the US sponsored NGOs etc and remember what has happened in Caracas, Kiev, Syria etc
adam andrew> Stafford2 hours ago
wouldn,t take long when Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and other Asian countries join Philippine. because these countries are serving America to be against china. when they get nothing from America. because America by herself has $20t deficit
Good News6 hours ago
Universal “good bye” is coming to America like typhoon…..thank you Philippines.
jmarioneaux6 hours ago
I am proud of the Philippines and there approach. I am sick of the American imperialism and its aggressive behavior. I am an American born and raised in America but I am no longer proud of America.
War Is A Racket6 hours ago
Vietnam would be well advised to look closely at the intelligent actions of the Philippines. How many Vietnamese did LBJ and Nixon murder in cold blood. Does their lives mean so little to you?
Just World!7 hours ago
Every country america has ‘looked after’ is the worse for their…..attention!!!
Late Indian Journalist M B Naqvi (he was one of the 1st to use Yanks in this region)> Just World!6 hours ago
Before the Yanks remove the Taliban under Mulla Umar, there was zero opium production. After the Yanks “liberated” Afghanistan, there is a sea of opium floating towards Iran, Russia, Pakistan, and the rest of the world.
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