@KarenHudes We are now in the Global Currency Reset

31 Oct

This is the most viral tweet: We are now in the Global Currency Reset

http://sputniknews.com/politics/20151228/1032422450/iranchina-russia-dedollarization-economy.html https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter12.29.15.pdf

some of this post (on climate) was written by Mike Brakey. The reason many of my posts are so long-winded is because decisions are being taken in a decentralized way, and I am showing you where the dialogue is. At the end of this tweet, you learn how currency is being exchanged and who owns what. The fact is that nearly all wealth is owned in the Global Debt Facility, and all of humanity has to clean up the corruption and establish decentralized institutions that are accountable. We will take things slowly until the corruption is cleaned up. We will communicate among each other until we are satisfied that things are proceeding in a decentralized fashion. We are all accountable.

Karen Hudes 

Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility

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