Karen Hudes Whistleblower: These are comments on a video I uploaded last night

17 Nov

These are comments on a video I uploaded last night.https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter11.16.16.pdf



These are comments on the video which I uploaded last night:

María Angélica Brunell Sola
I am a big admirer of president Putin. Please, explain what do you mean when you state that by rejecting the monetary gold reserve of Russia he is betraying his people. As you know, he has been stopping the global network of corporate control from toppling the government of Syria and transforming the country into a failed state, in order to pursue their Greater Israel agenda, as well as their drug, ancient relics, gas, oil, etc. stealing and trading, the way they have been doing for so long in the whole region.

Karen Hudes
My reply was “eaten” by YouTube. It is going up on Twitter now. I have just uploaded on Youtube this clip for the Russians. https://youtu.be/iFRVVurdAXU Adolf Hitler was ethnic German. But Swiss Octogon Templars financed Hitler and directed him throughout the war. Sean Hross discusses how former Major General Konstantin Petrov revealed this before he died under suspicious circumstances.

Rob Dellinger                                                                                                                                           So where do we get good information? I know Trump isn’t ideal but we need a leader to clean up the government and get rid of agencies that are controlled by the cabal.

Karen Hudes
you have no Constitution. start using your brain and clear out the mind control

Joe Baker
Correction Iceland should have been mentioned in place of Greenland at about 23 minutes into the program.

Mary Carmel
They are withholding history , thank you Karen !

Stanley Plock
Gen. Dunford was supposed to be working toward the New Republic. But there have been bad rumors about this guy. People are still talking about Paul Ryan being the President of the New Republic. I’m hearing bad things about Ryan recently.

Karen Hudes
That is simply not true. General Dunford is a traitor working for the Banking Cartel.

Mary Carmel
Using religions has been their tool to wage wars . They hide behind them .. they are dishonest, and divide people … if we have not learned this by history , it is time! People want to blame one group . It is never the people of religion , it is the bankers … the king makers .

Trump has endorsed the idea of auditing the Fed. Trump has already had a discussion with Putin and eased tensions with Russia. Had Trump come out and made statements that you make, he would have never won the election! It’s not that I don’t believe you, because I’ve been following you and your message for more than 3 years. Now that Trump has won, I think we all need to give him a chance to see what he can do. Once the Bankers have been widely acknowledged as corrupt and bankrupt, perhaps Trump (and maybe even Putin) would acknowledge your message. It is a sure sign that as long as the criminal bankers are in their offices and free to go about as usual, the struggle continues.

Karen Hudes
YouTube ate my response.
You are not thinking straight.
Trump was not in real elections because the Constitution of 1789 was not in effect. Audit the Fed? The Fed is owned by the Global Debt Facility and has nothing there.

Hujan Sent11 minutes ago
So Karen given that these vast wealth were left by late philippine president marcos and jose rizal how much percentage will the philippines get and you as agent i understand will get a certain percentage too as i heard you were discussing it with one of your parner’s vlogged �

Karen Hudes
The Philippines’ authorized signatories will get the exact same percentage that the Trilateral Commission offered Marcos. What am I getting? The people will decide, and I will not get a penny more. If I were doing this for money I would have collected something much earlier.

Rob Dellinger
So where do we get good information? I know Trump isn’t ideal but we need a leader to clean up the government and get rid of agencies that are controlled by the cabal.

Karen Hudes1 second ago
you have no Constitution. start using your brain and clear out the mind control.

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Network of Global Corporate Control Petrov

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Published on Nov 16, 2016

WWIII can be prevented once the Russian people understand that 25 million of their people were murdered by the Swiss Octogon Templars. These same Octogon Templars were the ones who replaced the US Constitution of 1789 in 1871. Both Trump and Putin work for the Swiss Octogon. This truth will keep us out of WWIII. Here is the teleprompter: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvt…



lol…the Video says 21 comments but it only shows 5 to read.


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