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21 Nov

From: Karen Hudes <KarenHudes@hotmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2016 12:21 AM
To: Carol
Subject: Re: Global Currency Reset

Dear Carol,

The power transition model from the US National War College predicts that things are going to be okay with 90-95% likelihood. Debt is offset by 2 quadrillion in Treaty of Versailles bonds in the Global Debt Facility. If the power transition model is wrong, things are going to be so bad that nothing you can do ahead of the failure of fiat currencies will gain survival of most of us and our world. We will all sink or swim together.

From: Carol,
Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2016 2:58 PM
To: karenhudes@hotmail.com
Subject: Global Currency Reset

Hi Karen. I just have to once again ask you the question in regards to fiat currency. With the globalist Hillary Clinton not getting elected and Donald Trump hopefully being sworn in as our next president, even though you have mentioned that this is not possible due to the constitution being in interregnum, I am concerned about the reset timing and the world currency value depletion. I am not able to access my retirement savings at this time without paying at least thirty percent income tax but I am willing to cash my savings and buy precious metals, if it means maintaining its value. I know you are working on releasing the world’s gold to pay off the world’s debt and making the gold backed dollar so I guess I am just wondering about timing. The value of the world currency is expected to fall rapidly and within the next month or two so I am trying to be prepared by maintaining the value of my savings. I realize you have been and are still working on this and you are the Canary in the Coalmine as you described in your last broadcast and I appreciate very much all your hard work. If possible, in a future broadcast could you share with the people what is needed in order to be prepared, specifically if the dollar is going to devalue. If the dollar is going to devalue before the Global Currency Reset gets implemented, based on the current state of affairs, any light that you can shed on the matter, to best assist me in preparing, is much appreciated.

Thank you Karen for all that you do for humanity and for all your hard work.

Warmest regards,

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