US: Russia Stationing Missiles in Russia Is Destabilizing Europe

22 Nov

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US: Russia Stationing Missiles in Russia Is Destabilizing Europe

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American missiles in Poland, Czechia and Romania are great for European security — they secure it from the grave Iranian slingshot threat.

Russian missiles in Russia — not so much. Admiral John Kirby of the State Department with the details:

”Russia has made threats to move its Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad for the past decade in response to a variety of developments in Europe, none of which demand such a military response.

“We call on Russia to refrain from words or deeds that are inconsistent with the goal of promoting security and stability.”

“While we understand that Russia has the right to exercise its conventional nuclear forces on its own territory, the deployment of Iskander and S-400 missiles to Kaliningrad is destabilizing to European security.” 

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