@KarenHudes DCTV Will DC lose its biggest employer due to a corrupt business environment?

23 Nov


DCTV Will DC lose its biggest employer due to a corrupt business environment? https://youtu.be/QkajTwoCXocWill

INTRO Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes in this series on the Network of Global Corporate Control. Today’s show is about DC’s corrupt business environment, and is prerecorded. DC is going to lose its biggest employer, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, if it doesn’t clean up its corrupt business environment, and that’s just for starters. We are also talking about WWIII.

Thanks to DCTV and Carmen Stanley, Studio Producer and Director, Maurice Jackson on Audio and Prompter, and Delores Harris, floor director.

I worked in the World Bank’s Legal Department for 21 years, and started reporting world corruption. I am now the Acting General Counsel of the IBRD, which is the oldest agency of the World Bank. The 189 Ministers of Finance and Development of the World Bank and IMF have appointed me as the Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility containing the world’s monetary gold reserves. We are now talking about a Global Currency Reset to mint gold currency to end world corruption and replace corrupt paper money.

Our series has been on air for a year and a half. We have been talking about one of the world’s oldest professions, the legal profession, for many of the segments. I am going to send the teleprompter for this segment to the DC Bar in order to develop a Continuing Legal Education Course. The legal profession has been serving the Network of Global Corporate Control, also known as the Banking Cartel.

Objectives of the Session:To acknowledge and respond to the information about the role that the legal profession has played in facilitating the control over the world’s legal and monetary systems by the “super-entity”, which owns 40% of the assets and 60% of the earnings of the companies traded on the world’s capital markets, controls the media, and issues the world’s currency. http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf

People are now aware that the US Congress has continued to declare a state of emergency since 1861, http://www.barefootsworld.net/war_ep1.html

that there is a second, secret Constitution in the United States
https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/two+constitutions.pdf (which removed a ratified 13th Amendment http://www.dailykos.com/…/-The-Missing-13thAmendment-an-odd…# ),

that the states took away property rights through an act written into the book of states in 1937

that persons waive their rights to a hearing in the courts provided for in Article III of the Constitution through hidden contracts of adhesion attached to bank signature cards:

Last week we tried to play a 5 minute clip that was recorded in DCTV on June 30, 2015. The Banking Cartel disabled the clip on YouTube, so I later uploaded the clip again on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar7eGem0Ysc

I discussed the turn-over in the DC Chief of Police during that clip. I am going to tell you about my letters to and from Mr. Jeffrey Barnette, DC’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer.

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