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8 Dec


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Sean Hross forwarded this article on
“The Secret of Switzerland’s Success”
to me today:

World Headquarters of Evil? January 7, 2011

by Wolfgang Besserer (in Zurich)

Switzerland is a country without any natural resources, producing expensive watches, chocolate and milk products, unable to compete in international markets due to one of the highest costs of labor – yet it is one of the richest countries in the world!

True she has Nestles, Novartis and Asea Brown Boveri but I think the secret is Credit Suisse and UBS. Switzerland became a perfectly controllable serf for the Illuminati Bankers and has been entrusted with many delicate and important tasks. Due to this role, it is never exposed to wars and financial catastrophes – proving how both are controllable and artificially inflicted on the rest of us.

I have lived in Switzerland for 14 years and here are my observations of this strange place and even stranger people.

1. Back in medieval ages, a group of communities tucked between Alpine peaks created a tiny country. Eventually other small communities (not only German but French and Italian as well) joined. What is the “glue” holding this country together? It is not the language and the culture.

These three nationalities actually HATE each other. Swiss people even joke about it! They do not have friends in the other parts; they do not intermarry, and they rarely travel to the other parts. There are some mixed towns. This means you must talk German on the eastern side of the river and French on the western, that’s all. Regardless the fact that it’s mandatory to learn the language of your neighbor in school, do not expect the French Swiss to respond in German or vice versa. In the Italian part, the safest bet (besides Italian) is to speak English!

2. The Vatican, one of the greatest evils of this planet, very early (in the year 1506) created the Vatican Swiss Guard. Why can only Swiss people provide its security? They do not need to be Catholics ( but must be Swiss. Why? Here in Switzerland everybody knows that when the Swiss Guard boys retire and come home, they join a very exclusive “ole boys club”. They become practically untouchable by the police, obtain the most lucrative positions etc.

By the way, if one Swiss guy wants to become officially Catholic, all he needs to do is to write “Catholic” on his tax return. From this moment on, a portion of his income goes there instead of his original church. Isn’t that great? The state puts your money in the tithe basket on your behalf!

3. During the Napoleonic wars (read: when Rothschild defeated all European powers at once and became their “controller”) Switzerland was invaded for the last time in history. Since then, the banking industry became number one here and Switzerland became immune to financial meltdowns and military conflicts elsewhere.

4. Majority of global “movers and shakers” meetings (like the World Economic Forum in Feb. 2009) takes place in Switzerland. One is Davos, one St.Moritz, sometimes Geneva. Don`t make me laugh – it’s not for the scenery. It is for the same reason why only Swiss people (regardless Catholics or not) are allowed to protect the pope.

5. In every country of the world you can meet different people: good and bad, lazy and workaholics, funny and without sense of humour. The key word is DIFFERENT or VARIETY. Here all the people (except immigrants of course) act the same. It is not about being obsessed with quality or being workaholic. I have no problem with that.

The problem starts when you ask local people questions, serious questions about life, social issues, politics etc. You will hear the same answers, very often put into the same words, even similar facial expressions. I can understand that some cultures promote individualism more than others, but this Robot-like behavior of the whole population reminds me some cheap horror movies.

How is this possible? It seems to be some kind of mind control application that works. The population became so uniform and predictable that it is safe for the ruling elite to use it.

Perhaps psychiatry has something to do with it. In Zurich there are more psychiatrists than dentists! At the same time, Switzerland has the highest percentage of the retarded/mentally “challenged” persons I have ever seen.

The use of psychiatry as a tool of control (governmental terror) is very well known. Most political dissidents of the late Soviet Union ended up in the psycho-wards because “you had to be crazy to see the Soviet Union as less than a perfect state”.

Some cultures (like French or Italian) live by the rule “live and let others live”. Swiss follow the rule “suffer and make others suffer”.

Hard to believe, but here, in Switzerland the quality of your work does not matter. Your boss or supervisor WILL come and WILL be upset with your “poor performance” (regardless quality and/or quantity- wise). Then, somebody above your boss WILL be upset with his “poor performance”.

This is a daily procedure of establishing and confirming who is under-dog, upper-dog and alpha-dog in the group. Weird, isn’t it?

Let me add two more (quite funny) examples.

First – following the aforementioned “suffer and make others suffer” doctrine, Swiss created a law that you are not allowed to flush your toilet at night! Everything must stay put till 7AM! Sounds unbelievable but please check it out on the Internet.

For the second – Regardless which side of a sidewalk you choose, the approaching person will walk straight into you and force you to step aside. At first you think it was a strange coincidence but after a few years here you learn the trick. You MUST walk straight into incoming person and look him/her straight in the face ready for a collision/confrontation. You MUST force the other person to step aside. It is a “dog’s world” here.

The Swiss mentality has an unwanted (but unavoidable) by-product: COMPLETE LACK OF CREATIVITY. How many real, worldwide recognized artists has Switzerland produced?

Yes, it is true: ZERO. Zero in the past, present and future. The only “exception” I found was the famous architect Le Corbusier but even he moved to France, took French citizenship and never returned to Switzerland. There is more. He become a vocal supporter of Mussolini and when the fascist Vichy government was established – he joined it! Now of course these “little details” are swept under the rug.

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