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13 Dec


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Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes. Welcome to DCTV’s Series on the Network of Global Corporate Control that is coming to you live today. This segment is about Belshazzar’s Feast. The regular viewers of DCTV’s series on the Network of Global Corporate Control can follow a consistent storyline during the year and a half that we have been on air. Thanks to DCTV, to Carmen Stanley, Studio Producer and Director,
Maurice Jackson, Audio and Teleprompter, ________ Studio Director.

Let’s start off with Rembrandt’s famous painting of Belshazzar’s feast:

On November 4, 2016 I told the Joint Staff of the US military that “the writing is on the wall”. This was to let General Joseph Dunford Jr. know that the people in the US did not consent to secret martial law. We will be talking later in the program about the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia because Scalia was about to spill the beans about the corrupt legal profession that was hiding the fact that the US Constitution of 1789 was not in effect. The Banking Cartel is also trying to suppress the November 8th segment on DCTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB8H5SexyEI which aired during the bogus elections in the US and the teleprompter for that segment

Here is what the Banking Cartel is trying to suppress: “On October 31, 2016 I sent a message to the German and Japanese Military Attachés in Washington, telling them about how the US military is using the monetary gold reserves to fulfill our treaty commitments to their defense. @thejointstaff https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter10.31.16.1.pdfGeneral Joseph Dunford Jr.’s treason. You notice how General Joseph Dunford Jr. has not said a single world to defend himself. How could he? He was caught red-handed.

The gold reserves I am talking about are the same reserves that John F. Kennedy accessed in the Green Hilton 8 days before he was assassinated, and which Ronald Reagan accessed before John Hinckley shot him. How do we know that Ronald Reagan accessed the Global Debt Facility? One piece of evidence is the Grace Commission study which Ronald Reagan commissioned, which showed that all of our tax dollars are going to pay the Federal Reserve interest on bogus country debt.

Why do I say that country debt is bogus? It is because the banks that are charging us interest really owe us more money than we owe them. I have been showing the documents that were signed by José Rizal, who was the Superior General of the Jesuits at the end of WWII. I also put some documents signed by José Rizal. I showed my letters to the Japanese and German military attachés on the internet and on DCTV’s Nov. 8th segment: https://youtu.be/-JeA-9YnW_o

That segment aired on the day of the bogus elections in the United States. The elections are bogus because the electoral college is not authorized since the Constitution of 1789 has been suspended by Congress. http://www.barefootsworld.net/war_ep1.html Why am I talking about Germany and Japan? It is because the Power Transition Model told me that Germany was a “swing” vote in keeping us out of WWIII, and because Japan is depending on the US military to defend them against China.

I posted Rembrandt’s painting yesterday in a tweet of my correspondence with a man who called himself “Spiritual Wonder Boy.” Spiritual Wonder Boy wrote me, “Thank you for risking your life as a whistleblower. It won’t be in vain.” Spiritual Wonder Boy was representing the Banking Cartel, and had been threatening me if I didn’t sign the world’s wealth in the Global Debt Facility over to him. Spiritual Wonder Boy said that we were both “part of the story which will change the world’s history”

Spiritual Wonder boy was also referring to all of my correspondence with Wolfgang Struck and said that he was representing the Tallano’s claims in the Philippines. You may recall, the Tallanos are descendants of English royalty. We had already figured out that José Rizal, the Philippines hero who deposited the world’s wealth in the Global Debt Facility when he was the Superior General of the Jesuits at the end of WWII, was 100 percent of the Malay race and that the English royalty had no rightful claim to the
Philippines or anything in it. Once we said this, someone in the Philippines sent us the minutes of the meeting in the Philippines where José Rizal deposited the world’s wealth in the Global Debt Facility.

Belshazzar’s Feast is taken from Daniel 5 in the Old Testament of the Bible. I will read that verse now from the King James Version: But let me say that I am reading this because it is an analogy. There are many spiritual matters that all of humanity is going to be considering in the Global Currency Reset. I am not a priest, and I am not presuming to decide any spiritual matters which need to be considered by all of
humanity, acting together in love and harmony.

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