@KarenHudes Some people are starting to see better with recent developments.

15 Dec

Some people are starting to see better with recent developments. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter12.14.16.1.pdf

Global Debt Facility

I sent the following “tweet” today to the same email address which I used in 2014 to send Ken Stephens an email about Veterans Today before I realized that Ken Stephens was working for the Vatican/CIA (which one is it, Kenny?, or is it another three letter agency? I noted in my preparation yesterday that the Jesuits under the Black Pope refer to their employer as “the Company” Maybe you are working for”the Company”?).

In the meantime, today Ken Stephens has broken the link for his blog accusing me of being a disinformation agent. But I managed to capture it in a screenshot anyway, attached to this “tweet”. Last year Ken also removed one of his blogs about economics, and I responded with “A Lesson in Austrian Economics” , also included in this tweet.

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