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23 Dec

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Karen Hudes
December 22, 2014 at 6:46am

The New York Times is belatedly trying to convince us that it does its job in telling the public what the public needs to know. That is patently false. The New York Times is merely a handmaiden to its owners, the network of global corporate control. http://www.plosone.org/article
Myres McDougal was my professor of international law at Yale Law School. Myres was from Mississippi, and he was a giant of a man, both literally and figuratively. Myers had all the time in the world for his students, and many of them became famous, like Circuit Judge Jose Cabranes, who said, “Myres McDougal was, without a doubt, the greatest international lawyer of his time.”
Myers taught that law was part of the other disciplines, including political science and sociology.
Myers teamed up with Harold Lasswell, also said to be the most original and productive sociologist/political scientist of his time. Lasswell wanted to know who was in charge of the media, and came up with control analysis to find out:
• who owns this newspaper?
• what are their aims?
• what are their political allegiances?
• do they attempt to set the editorial policy?
• does the fact that they are a republican account for the newspaper’s repeated attacks on the Royal Family?
• are they subject to any kind of legal constraints?
• how does the editor decide what to put in the paper?
The network of global corporate control lost their desperate attempt to corrupt the internet before we dismantle the Federal Reserve and the Bank for International Settlements, part of the network of global corporate control.
“Karen Hudes WORLD BANK Insider reveals who`s behind the throne
The degree of control of the mainstream press in suppressing stories of this magnitude certainly supports the PLoS One paper in its conclusion that they constitute a single conglomerate by interlocking boards of directors. She is on Facebook and at KAHudes.net as well as on Google news and in many YouTube videos. This is likely to be a crazy year which could bring the world economy out of the bankster caused long term depression or could fail and make things much worse. Let’s side with her and improve the whole world.”

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