@KarenHudes .@ABC Q & A on YouTube Channel; 2011 email to ABC

3 Jan


.@ABC Q & A on YouTube Channel; 2011 email to ABC https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter1.2.17.pdf

Global debt Facility

January 2, 2017
Some comments on my YouTube channel and a 2011 email to ABC:

GotExitPolls23 years ago
I was just asking where our modern day “Smedley Butler” was hiding and then you come onto the public whistleblower scene where you’re more than welcome! Thanks for putting yourself in front of these corrupt bankers; I’ve called one representative in California and will call others in the morning; this to make sure they’re on your team! Thank you

ed Mccarthy10 months ago
What happened to your stuff on Frank Webb?

Karen Hudes10 months ago
+ed Mccarthy Good question. Frank never answered my email or tweet asking him this same question. So I just updated my webpage to put the information that Frank Webb posted: www.kahudes.net

Carla Williama1 year ago
why does field mcconnel want to delete you from sype? i thouight you two were friends

Karen Hudes1 year ago
Because one of us is not playing straight.

Roberto Crescenza2 years ago
Karen,, you and Jesse Ventura go on the TV together,,,, so everyone knows whats really happening!!!

Karen Hudes10 months ago
+Roberto Crescenza I don’t want to be with Ventura.

I think Karen is in a league of her own.

JT Hubert1 year ago
As Karen said, Article V of the Constitution gives the states the ability to amend the Constitution without the Federal Governments involvement. The Convention of the States will be able to take back the states rights and limit the Federal Governments control. Things like term limits for congress, balanced budget amendment, federal tax simplification or “removal”, etc. Please search for Convention of the States, sign in to your states site, sign the petition, and contact your state congressmen. We can take back our country!!

Karen Hudes10 months ago
+JT Hubert Convention of States is not what you think it is. They do not admit that the Constitution of 1789 is no longer in effect, or that the US is being governed by martial law. Learn to be more discerning. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter1.22.16.2.pdf

Joseph C Smith Jr3 years ago
I’ve been researching this stuff for many years and yours is the clearest strongest most thoughtful and significant approach to this subject yet. It must be in part from the multiple levels you approach it from: law, economics, and indepth understanding of how to press the system… the fact you took this to John Roberts, and now, the truly smartest people in american have heard you and nobody will let it fade away now.. in fact, it might take a little time, but it provides a basis for strengthening people’s faith to act.. and also, confirms the economic-super-entity we’ve all suspected was behind this broad media push of violence and depravity in to our culture..

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