Karen Hudes Whistleblower 6 hrs · Head of the snake

7 Jan

I already defused Mossad’s trap to blame the Jews and Israel as scapegoats for everything (the old divide and conquer trick) How did I do this? By disclosing that Barry Chamish died suddenly on the very same day that Mossad learned how Barry Chamish was exposing that Shimon Peres obtained nukes for Israel (by trading 4,500 Yemeni babies to the US to use as guinea pigs in experiments showing harm to humans from radiation) Once people are aware that the Network of Global Corporate Control are trying to divide and conquer people this way, it loses its power. Here is the video where I told people that Barry Chamish had died a hero’s death:

The Rothschilds are bad. The head of the snake is hiding behind the Rothschilds in an attempt to divide and conquer us. You must have missed my video on Barry Chamish: I am saying that the problems we are facing predate Judaism.

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