@Karen Hudes My tweets to the Joint Chiefs of Staff are there for everyone to see, along with the Commercial Lien

12 Jan

@Karen Hudes My tweets to the Joint Chiefs of Staff are there for everyone to see, along with the Commercial Lien

Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes. Welcome to the Series on the Network of Global Corporate Control. Today’s segment is live, and will answer some questions raised recently. Thanks to DCTV, to Carmen Stanley, Studio Producer and Director, Maurice Jackson, Audio and Teleprompter, and ________ Floor Director.

This the first live segment since the Xmas break. Over the break we aired three prerecorded segments on the Moors, the Jesuits, and the fact that we are living in interesting times. For the last year and a half, I have been answering the comments from the archives that are uploaded after these broadcasts, in emails, Tweets, and my Facebook pages.

There is active interference — some of your comments do not reach me. Some of the links on the comments I post are broken.

I posted more information showing how Google was created by the CIA this past week:

This attempt at censorship is backfiring; we are going to continue to work together and will persist so that we find a way to get through to each other unhindered. One of the lessons I learned was when someone sent me a message: TLDR. I found out this meant, “Too Long, Didn’t Read”.

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Published on Jan 10, 2017

For three and a half years I have been fighting this world corruption and state capture in the United States. This reality is hard for some people to swallow, especially if they are hearing it for the first time. Teleprompter https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvt…

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