23 Jan

@Karen Hudes Alternative media also giving you Fake News: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter1.23.17.1.pdf

This morning’s skype chat with radio host:

[6:54:16 AM] Karen Hudes: ok wanted you also to have a heads up on my tweet about Queen Victoria, and her illegitimate sons and daughters, now on the throne and fake monarchy:

[6:56:02 AM] Alternative Media: brilliant Karen

[8:07:47 AM] Karen Hudes: I saw your tweet. I will replace my file on Queen Victoria with this, [attached explaining how QEII is illegitimate

when I get my laptop back (I loaned it to my daughter). I can’t use my PC to upload files on the internet, because the hackers prevent me from working with it. I also have good hackers in the PC, which is why I don’t clean it. (The good hackers comb many files I have forgotten I have, and remind me of them) Itwas the good hackers who restored my files that Ana von Reitz deleted, when she was trying to steal the world’s gold for General Dunford.

[8:10:46 AM] Karen Hudes: this is the actual proof that I am sitting in the middle of the international financial system. I have told people this, but they have to take me at my word. The actual proof is that Bertrand Badre was fired as Acting President of the World Bank after he tried to invalidate the Global Debt Facility. That is here https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter2.24.16.pdf

[8:14:47 AM] Alternative Media: good Kren, retiting the currency, cashless society and how they’ll eventually adopt bail-ins…taking our money with n o permission

[8:14:51 AM] Alternative Media: let#s do all that!

[8:14:57 AM] Alternative Media: Karen

[8:15:09 AM] Alternative Media: i’m worlds worst typist

[8:15:40 AM] Karen Hudes: no don’t put me on talking about fear tactics. get anybody else for that. I will not talk about the fear only about the more probable solution. maybe you don’t want me on.

[8:16:03 AM] Karen Hudes: I will not talk about cashless society . that is not happening

[8:16:18 AM] Alternative Media: we’re all about solutions. These are their plans, lets talk about what people can do

[8:16:44 AM] Karen Hudes: I will not talk about bail ins. I will not talk about the fed note crashing. I have liens on the fed. I will talk only about solutions or I will bail off the program

[8:17:08 AM] Alternative Media: well we’d better not so it tonight then. These are questions my listeners have

[8:17:15 AM] Karen Hudes: I will not talk about their plans. I will not talk about fake news. I am real news and will only talk about that

[8:17:17 AM] Alternative Media: *not do it

[8:17:34 AM] Alternative Media: ok, shame. Bail ins and cashless society is/are happening

[8:17:43 AM] Alternative Media: and people have to be aware of it

[8:18:55 AM] Karen Hudes: OK glad we found this out now. They are NOT HAPPENING. that is why there is a Global Debt Facility and that is why there is the power transition model and that is who I am. Please don’t contact me again until you understand that you are asking me to natter on about FAKE NEWS. Remove your tweet, please.

[8:19:31 AM] Alternative Media: goodbye Karen. You are way off the pace here. But I repect your right to have your opinion. Good luck

[8:21:38 AM] Karen Hudes: I am on the side of reality. When and if they take me out those lousy things are happening. But I have gotten through and I am still here, and I still vote the US shares on the Board of Governors. That is why I say I am the canary in the coal mine. And there are other whistleblowers working with me. and there are the good gremlins in my PC that I was telling you about. OK now you know it. You are responsible for your scaring people. We both know, with this, which side you are actually on. You are giving FAKE NEWS when you had a chance to give real news.

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