@KarenHudes .@bairdjulia Victoria The Queen is fake. British monarchy descended from the Rothschilds Commonwealth illegitimate

23 Jan

.@bairdjulia Victoria The Queen is fake. British monarchy descended from the Rothschilds Commonwealth illegitimate https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter1.23.17.pdf

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                                                                January 23, 2017

Dear Julia Baird,

On the cover leaf of your biography, Victoria The Queen, your book is touted as reality. You wrote this book at the suggestion of your editor at Newsweek, after working on the 2008 presidential election campaign. In the afterword, entitled Author’s Note, you attempt to give the false impression that you have resisted censorship by virtue of your accurate list of the mementoes of John Brown, “the Queen’s stallion”, that Victoria wanted to have buried in her coffin. You mention your struggle with the Senior Archivist in the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle. You try to give the false impression that you have “found out who Victoria was”, listing your Ph.D. in history and the fact that Quentin Bryce, the governor general of Australia, lobbied the queen’s secretary on your behalf.

Your book misses the mark by a mile. It hides the most important facts about Queen Victoria: that Victoria’s father was James de Rothschild, and that Victoria’s eldest son was born when she was fourteen. Victoria led a life of lies. You are clueless about who Queen Victoria was, and who Queen Elizabeth actually is.

Although you did mentioned that Queen Victoria and her cousin Albert passed on the defective gene for hemophilia into European royalty, you left out the more important fact that the British monarchy are illegitimate. Your book leaves out these salient facts about British royalty. The entire Commonwealth is caught up in lies. Neglecting these salient facts makes your book more fake than truthful.

Karen Hudes
Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

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