Karen Hudes Whistleblower: The Banking Cartel didn’t want you to see this, or two of the documents linked inside

31 Jan

The Banking Cartel didn’t want you to see this, or two of the documents linked inside: ‏@KarenHudes  https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter2.21.15.pdf

The coalition for the rule of law is ending the network of global corporate control
Karen Hudes                                                                  Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 5:39 AM

To: Ken Stephens

Jose Rizal ended Rome’s agenda by depositing the world’s assets in the Global Debt Facility for the benefit of humanity, and under the control of the world’s peoples in the Bretton Woods institutions. (see paragraph 6
https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/BILATERAL.pdf ) What is the scam when we are not having a one world government or a one world currency?

We are replacing Federal Reserve Notes with US Treasury Dollars, which is what Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan were trying to do before they were shot or assassinated. The gold in the Global Debt Facility is going to end Federal Reserve Notes, the payment of usury and all of our income taxes to London and Rome.
Country debt is going to be offset by the Treaty of Versailles bonds in the Global Debt Facility, worth quadrillions.

What is the scam when we are going to return to the original Constitution instead of the second, secret bankers’ constitution of 1871? https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/two+constitutions.pdf What is the scam when we are going to end the secret administrative courts where the judges are employees of a corrupt US Corporation? [ http://www.state-citizen.org/Mercier%20- %20Invisible%20Contracts%20%28law%20as%20legalized%20slavery%29%281984% 29.pdf The Banking Cartel, identified by 3 mathematicians in 2012, Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf removed that article about Mercier, who was the clerk of a District Court in New York, from the internet, so here are two other links to Mercier’s disclosures: http://freedom-school.com/invisible-contracts.pdf http://www.constitution.org/mercier/incon.htm ]

What is the scam when we are going to prevent the states’ boundaries from being erased in order to further the creeping metro 1313 agenda to move the governance of the United States into 10 regions?
What is the scam when we are going to restore the property rights that were were stolen from us by secret war powers? https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/warpowers.pdf

The coalition for the rule of law consists of the BRICS, the Group of 77, the County Executives of America, the National Taxpayers Union, and the rest of the citizenry that are taking back humanity’s wealth.
The coalition for the rule of law has 90-95% likelihood of success in overcoming the corrupt network of global corporate control.http://philosophyofmetrics.com/…/sdrs-and-…/comment-page-1/…
[Banking Cartel broke that link too, here’s another:
https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/sentia+model.pdf ]

You are simply trying to confuse everybody.

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