@KarenHudes The coalition for the rule of law that is in charge is now consolidating

31 Jan

@KarenHudes The coalition for the rule of law that is in charge is now consolidating: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter1.31.17.pdf

Global Debt Facility

January 31, 2017

The coalition for the rule of law that is in charge is now consolidating. We are having a conversation. From a person on Facebook: “You do not know everything. ” This person was mad at me, because she gave me some disinformation, and I said that I did not want to continue to deal with her. I acknowledge that I do not know everything. It is going to take everyone working together for a long time before we learn what we need to know. In the meantime, we certainly know enough to exchange paper currencies and stop the flow of funding to the Banking Cartel. That is our first priority.

Think of a butterfly that emerges from its cocoon, that has to wait for its wings to strengthen before flying. That is where the Coalition for the Rule of Law is in the Global Currency Reset. I am waiting for the people following me to learn where we are and to confirm this back to me. The “counters” on the internet are unreliable. Still, I can see that alot of people read my “tweet” last night, confirming martial law in the United States, and the capture of the Courts, all the way up to the US Supreme Court:

The Banking Cartel broke a critical link in that “tweet” confirming the existence of martial law, and containing Sandra Day O’Connor’s admission that the Supreme Court was not openly admitting the martial law, but explaining it away. You may have to type in this link yourself:

I just tweeted the broken link. During the Global Currency Reset there is going to be alot of “noise” and blowback from the Banking Cartel. This corruption is going to diminish with time. It does not mean the Banking Cartel is in charge. The Banking Cartel is broken, and insolvent, and the process of winding down the Banking Cartel is irrevocable. This is because enough of us “know” about the Banking Cartel, and it is no longer hidden. We have reached enough critical mass, and we have pivoted on the turning point. How do I know this, and how can I convince you of this? It is because I am still getting through, and we are building momentum by word of mouth. The search engines no longer mention me. This is a good thing. It shows you that the Banking Cartel exists and is trying to influence you. It also shows you, in case you need more proof, that I am not working with the Banking Cartel. I am working entirely with and for humanity, and everything I accomplish is due to that and that alone. I can also see that many people have read the teleprompter for the DCTV segment that is going to be broadcast in twelve hours. I am looking forward to receiving your comments. During the taping of this segment last week, I only got through about one-third of the long teleprompter — ending with the crucial discussion of how our very thought processes are getting “jammed” with advanced military weaponry. The way to overcome this technology is to be aware of it and to gather a group of friends who can help each other to figure out how each member of the group is being affected.


I am also having a conversation with some people in the Netherlands. They are asking me how we can drop prosecuting some of the child traffickers. A Dutch contact and a Norwegian contact sent me these videos (it took me a long time to retrieve them from my email inbox because the Banking Cartel tried to delete them. But here they are so you can see them:)



How are we going to stop child trafficking if we do not punish the pedophiles? Right now the police force is directed by and reports to the Banking Cartel. When the Banking Cartel is liquidated because it is insolvent, and its funding from our tax revenues (raised to pay interest on that scam called country debt), dries up, and people regain control over their governments, this will stop. If we try and take control from the top, without wringing out the corruption at grassroots levels, we will fail.

The enabling environment for crime did not come about suddenly, and it cannot end suddenly. For those victims whose lives were wrecked, or worse yet, snuffed out, bear with us as we mourn your loss with you, shed tears for your suffering, and carefully work together to prevent future crimes from coming to pass. For anyone who thinks we can have a Global Currency Reset, with the amount of corruption in the system, without
allowing the perpetrators to slink off now, knowing that we heartily condemn what they have done, your time to weigh in is now.

So this “tweet” is telling you how we are going to work together in the Global Currency Reset. This is the Global Currency Reset. Humanity is united. We are in a new reality, one in which humanity has control over our own wealth, and will use it to care for one another and to clean up our world.

The Global Currency Reset is not going to be implemented over night. There needs to be a critical mass so that we can all implement together. You need to reach out and teach people where we are. This can take some time, but do not get impatient or tired out, or think that nothing is going on. This process of taking back our world and our wealth is
irreversible and inevitable. We know this from the power transition model from the US National War College. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/sentia+model.pdf

Humanity is the butterfly in my metaphor. We (the Coalition for the Rule of Law) own (and are in charge of) the Earth. The Coalition for the Rule of Law is going to care for the Earth and all of its people, and start out by accessing our monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility to exchange for the worthless paper currencies issued by the Banking Cartel. Your job is to begin to issue local currencies in villages and towns.

On behalf of humanity,
On behalf of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF,

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

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