Today 6pm EST how to tell truth from lies

31 Jan

Good evening, I am your host, Karen Hudes. Welcome to this DCTV Series about the Network of Global Corporate Control. Today’s segment is pre-recorded and is about how to tell between fake news and real news, fake whistleblowers and real whistleblowers, fake money and real money, truth from lies. We will also talk about the alternative media. Thanks to DCTV, Carmen Stanley, Studio Producer; Maurice Jackson, Audio and Prompter; and __________ Floor Director.

This series has been on DCTV for nearly two years. I have been answering your questions on the archives that are uploaded after each segment airs. When YouTube refuses to upload a segment, I upload it on That is where the segments on gold, the military, and secret societies have been uploaded. secret societies:…/TheNetworkOfGlobalCorporateControlSec…

military gold:

It is hard to convince people with logic. They like pictures more. They still don’t understand that Greek and Puerto Rican and all other country debt, which is all getting canceled against the 2 quadrillion in bonds held in the Global Debt Facility…/treaty+of+versailles+offer+of+sa….
would crash their pensions. The crash-up in the markets, which the gloom-and-doom pundits are yammering about, is very unlikely because just about all the world’s assets are held in the Global Debt Facility, which is a trust that the Vatican used to own, and is now managed by the 189 Ministers of Finance on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF. I vote the 17% shares of the US on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF until the US Constitution of 1789 goes back into effect. I now speak for the other members of the Board of Governors unless they go on record in writing to retract what I have said. None of them has. This fact is slowly convincing many people. I tweeted this argument on December 23rd, 2016.

The 2 quadrillion that is owed by the Fed has been fully documented, and there are UCC-1 filing statements filed with the Secretaries of States in 10 of the states where Federal Reserve Banks are located. When the Secretary of State for Illinois illegally tried to invalidate the lien against the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, that is when I sent priority mail letters to all of the Washington embassies, showing when these letters had all been received by the Washington embassies, and requesting the Ambassadors to obtain clearance from all of the Ministers of Finance on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF.

I also obtained clearance in advance for the Board of Governors’ press release on the Global Currency Reset. This is also fully documented.…/236219-russia-china-germany-tradeaxis/…

Here is my comment on March 6, 2015, saying that I was going to issue the press release on the Global Currency Reset in forty-eight hours. On the 9th of March I put another comment up, stating that none of the embassies had objected, and that the Presswire press release had been retweeted a number of times. When presswire took the press release down after a year and a half, this only damaged presswire.…/236219-russia-china-germany-tradeaxis/…

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