Trump Refuses to Provide California Federal Support in Midst of Natural Disaster, Cites Sanctuary Cities

13 Feb

Trump Refuses to Provide California Federal Support in Midst of Natural Disaster, Cites Sanctuary Cities

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The California Department of Water Resources has issued an emergency evacuation order for low levels of Oroville, CA in preparation of an expected dam break at any moment.

The evacuation has been issued for the City of Marysville and all Yuba County residents as the state’s second largest reservoir, at nearly 100 percent capacity, is on the verge of rupturing and flooding many low lying areas.

The Yuba County Office of Emergency Services issued the following warning approximately one hour ago

While the massive storm system, spanning the past couple weeks, has brought much needed rain to the state, flash floods, downed power lines and damage to state-funded projects have crippled the state’s budget.

Governor Jerry Brown requested $162 million in federal funds from President Donald Trump on Friday to clean up damage a series of storms that blessed the state with much needed water following a year’s long drought.

A high ranking unnamed source, who spoke with the Dispatch on the condition of anonymity, has confirmed that President Trump has denied the request on grounds that California, and the city of Sacramento in particular, have failed to enforce federal immigration laws and have threatened to succeed from the Union.  The source is quoted as saying:

“The President has no incentive in helping the state of California.  The state harbors more illegal immigrants than any other state and has multiple sanctuary cities that violate federal laws.   The state very publicly supported Hillary Clinton throughout the election and the President views the state as being responsible for his loss in the popular vote, something he has had trouble with accepting.  They have also recently threatened to leave the Union through their #CalExit campaign, and the President sees this as an opportunity to let them deal with the consequences of their exit.  There is a sickness within the liberals in this country that they are not willing to address.  Until they understand what ails them can they hope to find the cure.  This is a step in the right direction in finding the #CureForWellness. “

President Trump himself has not yet weighed in on the issue.  The state is looking forward to a response from the Twitterer-In-Chief at any moment.

Residents of the affected areas should follow all evacuation warnings.

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