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17 Feb


new fancyfree Feb 17, 2017 8:01 AM

This article is nothing but propaganda, and ZeroHedge should be ashamed at running it. The reality is that the world’s assets, deposited at the end of WWII in a trust that is administered by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, are now being deployed in a Global Currency Reset. Included in the assets are bonds that were issued by the Fed in the 30’s that together with accrued compounded interest amount to more than 2 quadrillion dollars, and cancel country debt. The interest payments that are going all to the bankers is only a big scam, that is now over. Enough people know the reality, which is that the Banking Cartel is now being wound down. The evidence that this is true is in this notice to that illegitimate G-20, and its corrupt secretariat: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter2.16.17.2.pdf

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Fed President Admits US Banks Have Only “Half The Equity They Need”

Back in 2008-2009, the entire financial system was on the brink of collapse because banks had been making wild bets without having sufficient capital.

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