@KarenHudes We are talking about a major collaboration

3 Mar

@KarenHudes We are talking about a major collaboration: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter3.2.17.pdf

The World Bank       Tokyo Office           Telephone: (03) 3597 6650
INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT    10F, Fukoku Seimei Building         Fax: (03) 3597 6695
INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION         2-2-2, Uchisaiwai-Cho Cable: INTBAFRAD TOKYO         Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan

March 2, 2017

I will elaborate further on March 7th during the upcoming DCTV Series on the Network of Global Corporate Control; I welcome your feedback, either via the comment section when I post the segment later that night on my YouTube channel

The statement above that “nothing ever materializes” is a desperate last-ditch effort by the Banking Cartel to convince people that we are not on track for the Global Currency Reset. This is not true. The dominoes are continuing inexorably to fall.

There have many milestones along the way. We are talking about a major collaboration. There is a critical mass of humanity who understands our joint efforts to rid ourselves from the massive corruption in the international financial system. The whole process began at the end of WWII when José Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos placed humanity’s wealth in a trust and established the World Bank and IMF as a global cooperative to deploy humanity’s assets after 50 years had passed and all competing claims for these assets had become invalid under the Roman concept of statute of limitations.

Ibrahim Shihata passed the torch to me. I started working with two other members of the World Bank’s Legal Department: Sabine Schlemmer Schulte, a German lawyer- -we wrote this article together: http://www.kahudes.net/wpcont…/uploads/…/05/ilsaJournal1.pdf

and Nena Manley, another American lawyer, who helped me start my Sarbanes-Oxley lawsuit against the World Bank’s auditors, the World Bank, a firm the World Bank hired to evaluate my whistleblower retaliation case, and the World Bank’s medical insurers. I have been collaborating with many others along the way, and now I am collaborating with the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF and with the rest of humanity.

So this statement that nothing ever materializes loses sight of the years of effort it has taken before we got to our current position: the coalition for the rule of law is in direct conflict with the Banking Cartel over the world’s assets in the Global Debt Facility.

All of humanity is going to take sides before we are through. We have already listened to Luciano Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlcJ-9bm7Sc minute 14:40https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvteleprompt12.13.16.pdf

because we anticipate the inevitable victory with the 90-95% likelihood predicted by the US National War College’s Power Transition Model.

The power transition model identifies who in the US military is betraying the US’ national security interest. That is why Chuck Hagel was commencing a court martial process against Martin Dempsey and Jon Rymer before Hagel was forced to step down. The US military is on the side of the coalition for the rule of law. The Federal Reserve Note is going to be exchanged for local currencies, as well as US Treasury Dollars. The Treasury Dollars are ultimately going to be exchanged for aurum
minted from the US monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility. This last step will take place once the Banking Cartel is wound down in the Global Debt Facility.

Yesterday I tweeted that “the Fed. has no gold, and the audit that Silver Dollar and Koos Jansen are referring to is nothing but a hoax and a lie. The Freedom of Information Act information is now manufactured. How do I know this? It is because the Treasury and Office of Inspector General Audit was only done by looking at a paper schedule.” I have downloaded the Treasury Audit of the Fed’s gold (after the link had been broken) using a “wayback” option on the internet: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/OIG.pdf

Today I received another phone call, asking me to represent the Banking Cartel in raiding the assets in the Global Debt Facility. I said I was “conflicted out.” I posted another attempted bribe from Alpha Omega World Development Marshall Program in the Philippineshttps://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter2.28.17.1.pdf
Today, I received this email, asking me why Alpha Omega had bothered to write me. It is because I am the Overseer Mandate Trustee, and because of paragraph 6 in the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement, https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/BILATERAL.pdf , requiring authentication by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

On Wed Mar 1, 2017 at 7:26 PM
Dear Ma’am Karen,


I have another question.I have ask the Alpha Omega World Development Marshall Program thru their FB account about your role in the Global Debt Facility.They replied by saying that you are a scammer .I then ask that if you are a scammer, why then they ask for your cooperation.I’m curious that people who claims to own the world’s wealth is coordinating with their alleged scammer. Then I’m surprised, they deleted my comments.i cannot post to their fb anymore.Really suspecious. They did not give me any clear explanations.They probably don’t want to waste any more time to a commoner. Ma’am please enlighten us, Are the documents in their possession authentic?

Thank you very much and may God bless you more.

Respectfully Yours,

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