@KarenHudes We know full well that all of the spy agencies are just one spy agency working for the Banking Cartel

10 Mar

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We know full well that all of the spy agencies are just one spy agency working for the Banking Cartel https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter3.9.17.2.pdf 

Global Debt Facility

March 10, 2017
The Banking Cartel keeps on pretending that they are invisible. They refuse to acknowledge that a critical mass of people know exactly what they are up to, and that we know what it means when a critical mass of people know what they are up to. Instead, they are continuing to play games with us. For instance, when you look at the disinformation in the March 2017 issue of Washingtonian (Volume 52 No. 6), there are a number of spy stories, pretending that the CIA is not working out of headquarters in Switzerland. We have already disclosed the head of the snake


and you missed this tweet:

We know full well that all of the spy agencies are just one spy agency,
working for the Banking Cartel, and being run out of Switzerland.

If you read the latest issue of Time magazine, issued on March 13, 2017, it
looks like the Banking Cartel thinks we are getting railroaded into another
Cold War with Russia. We know that many Russians are fully aware that
their government is just a puppet of the Banking Cartel’s. After all, we are
continuing to learn from Moscow State University that our history has been
falsified by the Jesuits. http://www.chronologia.org/en

I am including at the end of this post two previous tweets, one about a
recent attempt to steal the world’s monetary gold reserves, and one about
the falsification of history.

Yesterday I had to remail the letter that I had mailed to Pepe Orsini:


because the Italian postmaster returned it to me. Pepe Orsini is head of the
ancient bloodline families. So I resent my letter again, c/o the Jesuits’
headquarters at Curia GeneraliziaBorgo S. Spirito, 400193 Roma Italia.
For good measure, and to keep him informed, I copied James E. Grummer, who is Father Arturo Sosa’s American Assistant:
elects_his_american_assistant/ James Grummer is working out of

The rest of this post includes some links which various people shared with
me recently. It is unclear to me just how long we are going to be in this tug
of war. The chances that we prevail are 90-95%, according to the National
War College’s power transition model.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, Int’l Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

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