@KarenHudes Banking Cartel Hacked my website to remove case in DC Court of Appeals: deleted settlement

14 Mar


Banking Cartel Hacked my website to remove case in DC Court of Appeals: deleted settlement:

                                                              January 19, 2013
Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20543

Re: Judicial Conference Oversight: Clerk of DC Circuit Court of Appeals Failed to Recognize Settlement of Case No. 11-7109 by World Bank’s Board of Governors

Dear Chief Justice,

     The World Bank stonewalled four letters from US Congress; refused to cooperate with the Government Accountability Office investigation into transparency; and intimidated staff in the Institutional Integrity Department during the Volcker Panel investigation. KPMG, appointed by the Board’s Audit Committee to audit the World Bank’s internal controls over financial reporting, refused to observe Generally Accepted Audit Standards in KPMG’s unqualified audit opinion. The Securities and Exchange Commission stonewalled an October 12, 2010 inquiry of the UK’s Serious Fraud Office.

     The Clerk of the US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, disregarded the agreement of the Board of Governors and Appellant to settle the case in order to bring the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development into compliance on the capital markets. Instead, the Clerk erroneously issued a mandate dismissing the case. One of the members of IBRD’s Board of Governors is withdrawing gold reserves from the Federal Reserve as a consequence of Mr. Langer’s delict. The Attorneys General and Governors, responsible for compliance of the World Bank under blue sky laws, are in contact with the European Parliament on this matter.

    A stakeholder analysis derived from accurate game theory modeling1 shows a clear fork in the road for the United States: rule of law and the transatlantic alliance or corruption and the ascendency of China.

                                                                   Karen Hudes

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