@KarenHudes The hackers (or someone else) restored my website

17 Mar

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@KarenHudes The hackers (or someone else) restored my website: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter3.16.17.2.pdf 

The Banking Cartel has restored the documents on my website about my case in the DC Court of Appeals that was settled by the Board of Governors. http://kahudes.net/case-in-court-of-appeals/

I was about to hire a programmer to restore the documents when I discovered the Banking Cartel had reversed its hack.

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Merrick Garland was one of the Judges on the Panel that botched my case, by simply affirming the District Court when under applicable precedent, the Panel was required to decide the case de novo, as if it were being considered for the first time. The Panel cancelled oral arguments two days before they were scheduled. Here is a letter which I wrote to an American friend active in the Middle East before the oral arguments were cancelled.

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