@KarenHudes Banking Cartel using a Syria “false flag” to drag US into WWIII

13 Apr
@KarenHudes Banking Cartel using a Syria “false flag” to drag US into WWIII:

Global Debt Facility 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dear Wargroup,

Thank you for your email. You are right to be concerned. In 2004, when Jacek Kugler brought the Power Transition Model to the World Bank, from the US National War College, Jacek told me that we had 5 years to prevent a nuclear war in Syria. During the past thirteen years, so far we have managed to avoid this.

What have we been doing to prevent the outbreak of WWIII? Why, we have been exposing the Banking Cartel, which is using its highly placed agents to try and destroy the United States of America. We have exposed these traitors and bankrupted them. All of the US Congress are agents of the Banking Cartel. So is Donald Trump. So are the Governors of the 50 states, and their adjutants general. So is General Dunford. So is Muriel Bowser, Washington DC’s Mayor. So is Neil Gorsuch.

What is the Banking Cartel? The best way to answer this question is to cite the article by 3 mathematicians/system analysts at the Federal Institute of Technology, Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf

What’s really going on in Syria? This quote is from an interview with Greg Hunter (who has stopped reporting on me for years: “Hudes, who was Senior Counsel and worked at the World Bank for 20 years, charges, ‘Qatar, who has all this natural gas, wanted to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria to reach the European market. Who’s supplying the European market with gas? Russia. . . . All this business about dead babies and sarin gas is just all to keep us confused.'”                                                     http://usawatchdog.com/time-to-tell-these-crooks-theyre-fired-karen-hudes/

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