@KarenHudes Governors of states facing the wrath of people, who know the score – property titles withheld under war powers

15 Apr
@KarenHudes Governors of states facing the wrath of people, who know the score – property titles withheld under war powers https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter4.14.17.1.pdf 


Now we are back to the current time. I want to talk about a book review for Lincoln in the Bardo called “The Sentimental Sadist” in the March issue of The Atlantic. I have already shown you many examples of how the Banking Cartel uses The Atlantic to “sell” its disinfo. What is especially interesting is that the Banking Cartel is now lying about eternity and our immortal souls. I do not want to get into a debate about religion, because that is a subject which is used to divide people. Can we agree to cut off the funding to the Banking Cartel in our corrupt money system, and then tackle this subject later, and when humanity has decentralized the money system and cleaned up the corruption in our villages and towns, and restored our health, and gotten better information, all the while working decentrally in the Global Currency Reset?

There is alot going on, as you can see from the rest of this post. This post should be considered in draft. I do not have the luxury of trying to think for all of humanity, when nobody wants me to do that anyway. I am forwarded alot of information, and it is not possible for me to get to the bottom of everything. I do not want to be a disinfo agent either. I admit when I have been duped, and let you know why I believe something to be true. That is the best I can do. Like the question I was just asked about which alternative media sources are reliable. People, you need to learn to think critically, and for yourselves. We are now at a point when many people recognize that most of the information they get is false.

Now, I see what you mean in your question: I was reading from the website mentioned in the teleprompter:

That website is a perfect example of how the Banking Cabal works — it embeds controversial divisive information in truth. I should not have just quoted from that website. I tried to warn people during the segment that we are not going to fall into the trap of trying to settle the “score” on religion. Still we have a chicken-and-egg problem. We need to acknowledge our spirituality. The Banking Cartel is now trying to confuse people and tell them that we do not have immortal souls, when we do. That is the reason I want for everyone to work together in small groups. I believe in our heart of hearts we know that we humankind are basically good and love one another. While we all know that we are going to die some day, we also know that the people we loved who died before us are still with us. The book review of “Lincoln in the Bardo” is trying to confuse us about who we are. The following information is what YouTube removed. YouTube is owned by Google, and Google was created by the CIA. The CIA is headquartered in
Switzerland, and is trying to dismantle the United States.

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