Karen Hudes Whistleblower: Episode 67 A corrupt money system begets a corrupt society

31 May
Episode 67 A corrupt money system begets a corrupt society


​Good evening, I am your host, Karen Hudes.  Welcome to this DCTV Series about the Network of Global Corporate Control.  Today’s segment is live, and is about corruption in our money system, and how we are cleaning up this corruption.  Money plays a central role in our society, and a corrupt money system means that there is corruption everywhere.  Thanks to DCTV, Carmen Stanley, Studio Producer; Maurice Jackson, Audio and Prompter; and Jamie Fain Floor Director.
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How do we fight the corruption?

Question for Karen: Other than following the events as they unfold and telling others about what’s happening, is there anything else we can do to help?

Karen: Thanks for your question.  Those are two important things.  I want you to form small groups like book clubs and fight corruption in your towns and villages.  These small groups are going to steer us through the Global Currency Reset, and keep you on track and help you to figure out what is really going on, as opposed to the false reality that you are surrounded with from the Banking Cartel.  These groups, because they include people that know you really well, are going to help you figure out when you are being “swayed” by the pervasive scalar wave and EMT military technology.  Then, you need to make sure that the merchants in your villages and towns will accept local currency.  I have put a database together to help guide you with this, but any system your village and town will adopt is great.

​Here is the database on local currencies:








I like to use the Wizard of Oz as an analogy, because Frank Baum’s fairy tale is actually an allegory, and the Yellow Brick Road is all about the important role of gold in the Global Currency Reset.

This is what I said on January 31, 2017


This cover of the Economist is what the bankrupt Banking Cartel wants you to think is going to happen.  Is Donald Trump (hint: look at the “throne”  Trump is sitting on) going to bring down the United States?  We have already shown significant numbers of people that Donald Trump is illegitimate, that the US Constitution of 1789 is not in effect, and therefore the electoral college was unable to “elect” Donald Trump legitimately.

My tweet on January 14, 2017 about a court case showing that the Federal Courts have no jurisdiction outside Washington DC was widely retweeted.

I am now providing a link to the case showing that federal District Courts have no jurisdiction outside the District of Columbia

I have been telling you that country debt is a scam and that the Banking Cartel owes us more than we owe them, because the Federal Reserve owes over $2 quadrillion in bonds that are held in the Global Debt Facility.  The Global Debt Facility is a trust containing the world’s wealth that is managed by 189 Ministers of Finance and Development on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.  I now vote the shares of the US on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF until the Constitution of 1789 of the US goes back into force and effect.

This nugget of gold is in this case: ​

​“Resistance to additional income taxes would be even more widespread if people were aware that . . . 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt . . . . In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government.” J. Peter Grace, “President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: A Report to the President,” dated and approved January 12 and 15, 1984, p. 3.

I cited this case and alot more to Neil Gorsuch.  I told Judge Gorsuch that if he could not explain the lies that are being covered up by the lawyers, he would be bankrupt by the end of the commercial lien process.

This is what I said in my affidavit to Neil Gorsuch:

Donald J. Trump has failed to acknowledge that the United States is not operating under the Constitution of 1789 nor has he acknowledged that the US’ monetary gold reserves are administered by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund because they are in a Trust established at the end of WWII by General Eisenhower and President Truman.  Instead, Donald Trump has perpetuated the hoax on the American people, despite having had the opportunity to rectify these falsehoods.

Neil M. Gorsuch has accepted the purported nomination to the office as a Justice of the Supreme Court by Donald Trump, notwithstanding that Donald Trump has failed to acknowledge that the United States is not operating under the Constitution of 1789.  Neil Gorsuch is perpetuating the hoax on the American people and the corrupt business environment in the United States and has harmed me personally with these lies and falsehoods, as this has prevented me from returning to the World Bank’s headquarters and working on the Global Currency Reset agreed to  by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, and returning the Constitution of 1789 of the United States via an Article V Constitutional Convention.

Article V of the Constitution of 1789 is the way to measure whether “We the people” have given our consent to the way that we are being governed.  When two-thirds of the state legislatures apply to the US Congress for an amendment to the Constitution, there is supposed to be a Convention to propose amendments.  The State of Wisconsin believed that this threshhold was passed in 1929. 


But the US Congress has refused to do its duty to convene a Constitutional Convention.  Instead, Congress has declared a state of emergency.

Because the US Congress has refused to convene the Convention, and because the US Congress and the legal profession have refused to admit that the US Congress has been extending a secret state of emergency to justify martial law, the World Bank Board of Governors has declared the US to be in interregnum.   

I documented the magnitude of the cover-up of corruption in 2013 with my fax to Judge Traxler, then Chair of the Judicial Conference (attached to this letter), and referring to the fact that I had contacted the state attorneys general, the state governors, and the chief justices of the state supreme courts. Since then, and as mentioned in my fax, confidence of US citizens in their judiciary has only deteriorated.

The people of the US have not consented to be governed under the second, secret Constitution of 1871. Now that the Constitution of 1789 has been suspended by the US Congress, the United States is in interregnum. Until the US Constitution of 1789 goes back into force and effect, I vote the US shares on the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors administering the US monetary gold reserves.​


​Thank you for listening to another segment of “The Network of Global Corporate Control.” All of humanity is united in a coalition for the rule of law to exchange the Federal Reserve Notes and other fractional reserve currencies in a Global Currency Reset.   Media is simply lying to perpetuate the corruption and to fool the unwary. Donald Trump’s inauguration was simply Banking Cartel propaganda and nothing more.  Stay tuned as the Global Currency Reset rolls out.

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    Hi Karen, Great stuff you put out ! I thought you might like to know about this article on Steemit.com about lawful avoidance of the provisions of the new proposed anti-Bitcoin, anti-cash legislation. This guy has done his homework. Evidently the legislation applies only to a tiny portion of the people: https://steemit.com/cash/@lockesmith/why-the-proposed-combating-money-laundering-terrorist-financing-and-counterfeiting-act-of-2017-applies-to-only-a-tiny-percentage.
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