@KarenHudes During the Global Currency Reset, we can speak for ourselves

3 Jun
@KarenHudes During the Global Currency Reset, we can speak for ourselves:

Global Debt Facility

Friday, June 2, 2017

My first tweet this morning was as clear as I could make it. Humanity’s wealth goes to humanity. The purpose of this is to let you know that agents of the Banking Cartel are doing everything they can to avoid recognizing this. They keep calling me up, and I simply hang up on them.

The first set of emails involves Wolfgang Struck, who tried every which way to steal humanity’s assets and failed. When I told Wolfgang I was going to ignore him, he had someone else email me, and include Wolfgang on the cc list. I am showing you this correspondence. It is time for the Banking Cartel to concede. The gloves are off.

I am editing the second set of emails. The Banking Cartel doesn’t like my weekly series on DCTV. The Banking Cartel, in clever disguise as a real producer, horned in by asking me to censor what I have to say, and criticize my team. On Tuesdays at 6:00 pm EST http://dctv.org/Live


The most important thing to remember now is that you (and your family) are still possibly being targeted with military scalar and electromagnetic frequency weaponry. Do not do anything without taking a couple of days to think about it. All organizations have been infiltrated. This is after centuries of corruption. We are going to have to make a fresh start from the ground up. The Global Currency Reset, due to these challenges, is not going to go quickly.

Some people are contacting me, asking me to help them in a “quick fix.” Things are going to be cleaned up, and end up as we want them, but not with an instant wand. We are all going to have to “roll up our sleeves” and make things the way we want them. And most importantly, care for each other and support each other so that nobody falls through the cracks while we are straightening things up.

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