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13 Jun

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Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes. This show is a weekly Series called the Network of Global Corporate Control that has been coming to you for the last two years from DCTV. Today’s segment is live and is called “Jigsaw Puzzle” Thanks to DCTV, Carmen Stanley, Studio Producer; Maurice Jackson, Audio and Prompter; and __________ Floor Director. We are putting the pieces together.

Last week we talked about country debt and martial law. We said that the secret martial law that was in effect in the US ever since the Civil War in 1861 had ended. We said that country debt was a scam. There are alot of views and comments in the archives on YouTube: https://youtu.be/b3EetiIAzt0 teleprompter:
https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvteleprompt6.6.17.pdf Enough people in the military remain loyal to the US Constitution, and to their oaths, to prevent the demise of the United States. This is also since Germany and Japan do not want the US military to surrender unilaterally because of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Notes. A critical mass of people sees through Donald Trump’s charade. This includes the US military , over 70% of them according to my information. Next week we will talk about avoiding WWIII.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are pictures of José Rizal, the Philippines national hero. Between December 1942 and September 1946 José Rizal became Superior General of the Jesuits, as Father Antonio Diaz. José Rizal and his lawyer Ferdinand Marcos deposited the world’s assets in a secret trust named the Global Debt Facility for the benefit of humanity. In 1944 they established the World Bank and
International Monetary Fund to administer the Global Debt Facility.

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An Egyptian lawyer named Ibrahim Shihata, then General Counsel of the World Bank, hired me into the legal department of the World Bank in 1986 after I had written a legislative history of the G77 as a law student in 1977. The G-77 is a group of 134 Developing Countries, and forms a cornerstone of the Coalition for the Rule of Law that is overseeing the clean-up of the corruption in the world’s money system, using the assets that were deposited into the Global Debt Facility. We call this clean-up the Global Currency Reset.

It has taken awhile to tell people the story about what is really going on. This is because there are crooks trying to enslave and kill humanity. These crooks are descended from the Pharoahs and the Templars, and they have combined together in the Secret Societies and in a large company on the world’s capital markets, and bought up all the media,
including most of the alternative media. Three mathematicians, Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder, and Stefano Battiston at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland identified a “network of global corporate control” in
http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf . This network is often referred to as the “Banking Cartel.”

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The Banking Cartel keeps on lying and falsifying history, especially ancient history. Humanity (the ones who can still think straight) is helping to put the puzzle pieces together so that we can clean up all the corruption and replace paper currency for gold and local currencies in a Global Currency Reset. The number of people who are following me and who understand that I am telling them about reality have reached critical mass. This means that the Banking Cartel is no longer hidden, and of course this also means that the Banking Cartel has now lost control over humanity. This result was predicted with 90-95% likelihood from the National War College’s power transition model.

I have been using social media. The other media is controlled by the Banking Cartel. The search engines are especially corrupt. There is massive clean-up work required because the corruption is so pervasive. I have refused to go on shows that will not let me talk about the world’s wealth in the Global Debt Facility, and the Global Currency Reset.

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