@KarenHudes  The Banking Cartel needs to stop wasting our time

4 Jul

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The Banking Cartel needs to stop wasting our time:

Global Debt Facility

Monday, July 3, 2017

My tweet informing an agent of the Banking Cartel to stop wasting our time went viral. Francis Ylanan was trying to steal the world’s wealth by rewriting the history of what happened after WWI

Banking Cartel’s agents trying again in vain to rewrite history to steal the world’s gold. NOT HAPPENING

Meanwhile, YouTube blocked Francis Ylanan at my request; you can review our
correspondence at:                                             https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Ylanan.pdf

You are brave, please stay safe.
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This last comment on my Facebook page is trying to scare us. Putin is a play-actor, working on behalf of the Banking Cartel. The Russian people oppose those responsible for the deaths of 25 million of their people in WWII. We are in realtime. You are going to see what the US National War College was telling us about the power transition model that is predicting that we are staying out of WWIII. This is because a critical mass of people know about the corruption in the world’s money system. Tomorrow’s segment on DCTV on “Consciousness” is covering this:

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