Karen Hudes Whistleblower: There is no new world order

6 Jul

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There is no new world order:

Global Debt Facility

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

To the Coalition for the Rule of Law:

The morally, financially bankrupt Banking Cartel contacted me to ask what I think of their lies. I said they were lying. What are the next steps? Prepare yourself for a fundamental pivot, and for a long clean-up effort. I have been doing exactly that, by clearing my desk of some old papers. I found some documents that are interesting, so I am scanning them for you and attaching them to this tweet.

Henry Kissinger, that 94 year old has-been crook, being trotted out by the Banking Cartel at this point in time? Well, I did a word search on my PC for Kissinger, and ended up with this 4 year old email. When I wrote it, I did not have any inkling of the role I was going to end up playing as Overseer Mandate Trustee, voting for the US on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund until the US Constitution of 1789 goes back into force, and working with the rest of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF to administer the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement, that treaty which governs how the world’s wealth goes to all of humanity.

I think Dimce Giorgief sent me his email so that I would distribute his lies. My distribution network reaches more people than his at this point in time. What makes me think this is the case? Because people want to read what is being hidden from them. Also, because people don’t want to land in WWIII, and I am the only person telling them that we are not landing in WWIII, and I back this up with proof. The bottom line is that
Japan and Germany are preventing the Federal Reserve Note from crashing by helping the US and other nations access their monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

From: Karen Hudes
Date: Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 2:28 PM
Subject: Re: Kissinger thinks he is the sole signatory to the Collateral Accounts
To: Dimce Giorgief

BS. Kissinger has no role to play, as he has not been authenticated under the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement. American Lawyer is a bad fiction writer. Most CIA are.

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