@KarenHudes  What happens when you tell people the Banking Cartel is getting wound down in bankruptcy

13 Jul

What happens when you tell people the Banking Cartel is getting wound down in bankruptcy:

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Published on Jul 12, 2017

There are many people interested in whether the US can lead the rest of the world out of this deep corruption, and they are not looking to the legal profession for any help. The legal profession has been covering up corruption and a Constitutional crisis of such magnitude that the United States is facing failure as a nation and risks taking down the rest of the world with it.
The Banking Cartel has many agents in very high places. These agents of the Banking Cartel have now been exposed. Since the Banking Cartel is being wound down, the position of these agents of the Banking Cartel is now untenable. This explains:
Why General Dunford could not defend himself when I accused him of treason, and tweeted on Memorial Day that his trousers were around his ankles; and why Donald Trump couldn’t defend himself on July 7th when I said he was a play actor, or when I tweeted that he was desecrating D-Day on June 6th, and bankrupted him for lying that the Constitution of 1789 was in force and effect. The reality is that the Constitution was suspended under the Liber Code during the Civil War and that Congress has been declaring a state of emergency to steal Americans’ property under war powers for the Banking Cartel. Teleprompter:



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