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15 Jul

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From: Mike Brakey
Date: Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 8:53 AM
Subject: FW: Washington receives expert testimony on actual unfiltered facts about
Climate Change
To: Friend

Hi Friend,

It appears the website, American Intelligence Media (AIM), has begun republishing some of my climate fraud research, first published at the European website, NoTricksZone, by Pierre L. Gosselin, between 2013-2015. I stumbled into these government fraud revelations because I just wanted to confirm I had one of the most energy efficient homes in the United States based on local climate data NOAA had not wiped off the internet yet. When I began comparing this local raw data to revised national data for the same locationsame location, I discovered climate data fudging by NOAA going back more than 100 years!

As seen below, my scientific publications have recently been again validated by new, peer reviewed, U.S. research just published in the last few days (see article below with attachments above.

My original June 1, 2015 article is now also accessible through the Aim4Truth link:


Michael Brakey

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