Karen Hudes Whistleblower: Episode 76 No More Gobbledygook

2 Aug

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Episode 76 No More Gobbledygook


Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes. This show is a weekly Series called the Network of Global Corporate Control that has been coming to you from DCTV for nearly two years. Today’s segment is pre-recorded and is called “Q and A in the Global Currency Reset.” Thanks to DCTV, Carmen Stanley, Studio Producer; Maurice Jackson, Audio and Prompter; and Krushae Starnes, Floor Director.

The fact that we have institutions in place and commercial liens and own just about all of the world’s wealth means that there is no danger of economic collapse. We also have control of all of the world’s militaries. We knew this early on from A Grandfather’s Encouragement

We are going to tell the experts (including the lawyers, accountants & journalists) that we don’t need them anymore.  Most of the best analysis has come from people that who built up their technical knowledge from outside the respective professions.

We cannot simply dismantle the knowledge base that we possess, because we are going to have to remove the satellites that contain radioactive material that will fall to earth and contaminate our life.  Having laid out this challenge, it is not my intention to second guess how we, the coalition for the rule of law, are going to proceed in the Global Currency Reset.  The immediate task at hand is to cut off the flow of resources to the Network of Global Corporate Control, and wind them down.  Another necessary task is to let people know what is happening.  We can expect the immediate information that circulates to be highly inaccurate, once we understand the depth of the corruption.  For this reason, only the most immediate decisions that cannot be postponed, should be taken.  We should be capable of handling simple mechanical administrative matters, like exchanging the currencies issued by the Network of Global Corporate Control for national currencies and local currencies issued by villages and towns.

The reason we don’t need the legal profession, the accounting profession, and journalists is because people don’t trust them, and for good reason.  The lawyers, the accountants and the journalists have shown themselves to be corrupt, and what is more, they have pretended up until this very moment that they are above reproach.  The best word to describe this behavior is “recalcitrant.”

​One of the ways we can tell these professions are corrupt is because they have tried to hide what they are doing by deliberately making things complicated.  In the legal profession, one lawyer invented the term “gobbledygook” to describe this.  Maury Maverick was the first lawyer who warned another lawyer, “Stay off the gobbledygook language. It only fouls people up.”

No More Gobbledygook



The people in the United States got so mad at lawyers’ gobbledygook that they amended the United States Constitution to protect themselves from lawyers. The lawyers fought back by erasing the amendment.  And then the lawyers decided to enact a hidden Constitution. For good measure the lawyers decided to louse up the courts so nobody would find out what they had done.
This whole house of cards has now caught up with the culprits.  The point now for us is to figure out how to set things right.  This segment is kicking off the first of many discussions.

6 Media Giants


The Banking Cartel, identified by Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder, and Stefano Battiston at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland is a “network of global corporate control.”

This network is often referred to as the “Banking Cartel.  The Banking Cartel and the elites no longer have any credible claims.  Donald Trump was not duly elected by the electors since the US Constitution of 1789 is not in effect. What is more, Donald Trump, the Archivist of the United States,  Mr. David S. Ferriero, and the electors know this, and even though the electors went through the motions, their actions were an empty pantomime.

That the mainstream media have continued to hype Donald Trump and other so-called “world leaders” is of no effect; less than 6% of the people believe propaganda from the media, which is owned by the Banking Cartel.  Journalism, the legal profession, and the accounting profession are thoroughly discredited. The monetary gold reserves  and other assets of the  world are safe with the Overseer Mandate Trustee (and the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, for whom I speak).  None of the embassies have denied THESE FACTS.  A critical mass of people are well informed of THESE FACTS.

Here is the list of what needs to be decided on:
(1) the proposed draft Monetary Agreement which was forwarded to the Tokyo embassies
​(2) the historic price of gold 
​(3)advance administrative costs approved by the Board of Executive Directors on June 22, 2014
(4) my admittance to World Bank and IMF headquarters and country offices
(5) differentiating and disposing of excess, speculative foreign currencies
​(6) audit of gold in the Global Debt Facility and claims of possible thefts
​(7) winding down the network of global corporate control and bankruptcy of the banks operating under various jurisdictions
​(8) transition arrangements; local currencies
​(9) bailment laws

​Considering the Monetary Agreements forwarded to the Tokyo embassies.  We need to sign these agreements, and since the governments are all corrupt corporations, people in the countries need to figure out how to return to real governments.  There is no rush, because we are now in what you can call a “holding pattern” while people work together to figure out the best way to accomplish this.  This is because we are aware that the way things are now is because the “gatekeepers” and “agents” of the Network of Global Corporate Control have been very active.

There is bound to be confusion.  We are going to work in what is called an “iterative process”.  This means that things are going to proceed in stages as we transition.  A clean-up of this magnitude has never happened before.  We are going to be learning as we go along.  Please try sorting yourselves into small groups to work with.  Actual progress on these matters is going to take some time, mostly because there are so many people who do not understand what reality is.  We will take stock then how things are proceeding.
Many of them believe the lies of the corrupt journalists, lawyers, and accountants.  Still, we have reality on our side, and so we are going to win out ultimately.  ​


​Thank you for listening to another segment of “The Network of Global Corporate Control.”

We have begun planning the implementation of the Global Currency Reset in today’s segment.  It is necessary for more people to distinguish reality from the lies of the Banking Cartel so that we can carry out these plans.  Until next week, I am your host, Karen Hudes.



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