@KarenHudes  8.8.17 6pm EST http://www.dctv.org/live Storytelling

8 Aug

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8.8.17 6pm EST http://www.dctv.org/live Storytelling

INTRO Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes in this series on the Network of Global
Corporate Control. Today’s segment is called “storytelling.” Thanks to DCTV, Carmen Stanley, Studio Producer and Director; Maurice Jackson, Audio and Prompter, and __________Floor Director.

I want to respond to criticisms about last week’s segment on “Martial Law and Slavery”

Mike Crash
you keep saying the same thing in ALL of your vids. tell us something you haven’t said

bodi hymer
Karen Hudes BTW I think you do great work…I have listened to you for a long time and these recent broadcasts are very monotone and dry and hard to listen too…I understand the challenges just offering constructive criticism ….what you have to say is valued
* * * * *

I am going to respond by following STORYTELLING RULES because moving your hearts and minds by telling my story right can change the world.

 don’t tell a boring story
 do tell a story with a clearly defined villain
 don’t pretend you’ve never had to struggle
 do embrace your past and the experiences that define you
 don’t end the story in the middle
 do provide a happy ending

Boring Story:
I tweeted, “We are anything but boring around here in the Global Currency Reset:

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