Karen Hudes: Network of Global Corporate Control11 21 17

22 Nov


Network of Global Corporate Control11 21 17

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Published on Nov 21, 2017

The Global Currency reset is going to sort out what is true from what is false. Before the sorting out in the Global Currency Reset is finished, people are going to trade the Banking Cartel’s lies for the reality that we have been discussing in this Series. Donald Trump has been admitting that I am right that the United States government is not legitimate by his silence. Something is going to give, and I can tell you that the Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility containing the world’s wealth is not going to shrink from this confrontation between what is real and what is fake. Your job now is to draw correct conclusions from this confrontation, and to share what you have learned with your loved ones. Until people have been able to come to terms with reality, and the villages and towns have cleaned out the corruption from the Banking Cartel, I am going to have a difficult time sorting things out.
Here is what you all can do to help in the Global Currency Reset: stay tuned into the global currency reset, where we are replacing paper currency for currency out of gold and local currency, by: forming small groups, paying attention to what is really going on by tuning out of the mainstream media, and developing your own channels of communication, learning to think critically and helping others to think straight, making sure your local areas (villages and towns) have local currencies, and holding your local officials accountable. The Banking Cartel has to reveal itself in order to fight the truth and reality. Of course, this is a losing battle, because the Banking Cartel has to remain invisible. This is what we mean by accountability in the Global Currency Reset. Teleprompter:
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