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@KarenHudes The entire world is going to learn what you tried to do to us.  Fortunately, it doesn’t count.

30 Sep

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The entire world is going to learn what you tried to do to us. 
Fortunately, it doesn’t count

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dear Jim,

Thank you for your past support and offer to contribute further.

The Manna World Trust, Kim ‘Miss Manna’, and her spokesman Thomas Williams are all liars. The Global Debt Facility, managed out of the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors, is reality.

The Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF have authorized me to speak for their countries so long as the Banking Cartel has replaced the people in those countries by illegitimate corporate governments.

I vote the shares of the United States on the Board of Governors until the people of the United States have a legitimate government. The current US government is not legitimate. Neither are the governments of the states.

The politicians are liars. Their corruption is going to be cleaned out, in time, as people realize the new reality.

What you are hearing now from the mainstream media and the alternative media is from the Banking Cartel. These liars and fools are trying to frighten everyone and land the world in WWIII.

What you are hearing now from me and the rest of the people in the coalition for the rule of law is reality. All of the world’s military powers are part of the coalition for the rule of law. If you read what I have published in my social media over the years, you can see the new reality for yourself. The chances that everyone “catches on” and joins us in the new reality is over 90%.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for
Reconstruction and Development.
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility

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@KarenHudes  The military powers in the world are all working together and all keeping peace, and the people trying to make you worry are not in charge.

30 Sep

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The military powers in the world are all working together and all keeping peace, and the people trying to make you worry are not in charge.

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dear People,

Today I have had to block some people posting things to my followers that are supposed to make people worry. The military powers in the world are all working together and all keeping peace, and the people trying to make you worry are not in charge. They are liars and fools. It is as simple as that.

How to reassure you? Think of a baby taking his first steps. These steps may feel scary to the baby, and may look scary to his parents, but they are a very good development. We, the coalition for the rule of law, in charge of the wealth of the world, and the money that is paying all of the military powers of the world, are going to take our time, and learn how to walk.

I am attaching some information that I tried to send to you at the end of July and also some information that I sent to you in 2016.
This information is to let you know that the military powers of the world, and the rest of the people in the world, have been learning how to walk on the road to a better world for some time.

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@KarenHudes  Update from the Coalition for the Rule of Law.

28 Sep

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Update from the Coalition for the Rule of Law:

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“Trust” can´t be trusted anymore, the worst case has happend

. Wrong we are all here and we are setting things right in the Global Currency Reset. My account was locked by the bad guys, who don’t want you to know they have lost it.

From: Karen Hudes
Date: Sun, Apr 24, 2016 at 1:39 PM
Subject: From a Newbie
To: Duane

[I got so enthusiastic that I forgot to tell Duane that we are having a peaceful transition in the Global Currency Reset, not a revolution]


This information about the hidden gold has been “out there” ever since I learned about it three years ago, and the information about the corruption in the financial system has been “out there” for years. I learned a couple of days ago that 30 million people on facebook know about the hidden gold and it is viral

The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank have known me for years. You think the Board of the World Bank wouldn’t know about my report to the Dean of Yale Law School, the US Treasury, and Congress about how the Executive Directors were getting blackmailed for going to the New York Madam after Paul Wolfowitz gave a humongous raise to his girlfriend Shaha Riza eight years ago? And then I told all the New York missions at the UN about this? And 188 Ministers of Finance on the Board of Governors settled my lawsuit in 2012, and appointed me Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility? You think the military wouldn’t know that the Inspector General of the Department of Defense is bankrupt after firing Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and Major General Michael Carey? When these heroes refused to nuke Charleston South Carolina on October 7, 2013?

The military have known about the Power Transition Model that came from the National War College fifteen years ago. The military have known for seven years that the US was going to lose its leadership if we didn’t fly straight , ever since I talked to then Senator Chuck Hagel. The National Taxpayers Union blogged about me four years ago: I testified in the EU Parliament four years ago, and in the UK Parliament 3 times. I have been working with the military via the Joint Japan Committee under the Status of Forces Agreement since 2014 because the Joint Japan Committee is out of the chain of command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who head the secret military government.

Yesterday I “tweeted” the heck out of the message to the 50 adjutant generals in the National Guard that I voted for the US on the Boards of the World Bank & IMF because the people have not consented to be governed under martial law instead of under our Constitution of 1789. The 50 state Governors know that every word I write to them is going out on the internet, and so do the US Congress, the lawyers, the journalists, the accountants, the New York missions, the Japanese Embassies, the Washington Ambassadors, not to mention the weekly shows for the past year on DCTV. I have also tweeted my emails to the Secretaries of State, who know all about the Global Debt Facility’s liens against the Federal Reserve Bank that is now bankrupt and does not hold the US monetary gold reserves.

Disgruntled citizens? When these citizens are blaming everyone but the provocateurs leading them around by the nose or some other part of their anatomy after I already told them that I am speaking for the US to protect our gold and that the judges were not real judges and that Justice Scalia was probably murdered, and Scalia’s body shipped out of Texas on the lam to evade a coroner’s inquest?

All of this is out there on the internet: twitter @:,
on facebook at
On Tuesdays at 6:00 pm EST I have a television series on DCTV, “The Network of Global Corporate Control” , which is livestreamed over the internet at archives are at
censored videos on military, gold, and secret societies are
Background information and recent tweets are at

¿So what if there’s a mediablackout and the hidden gold has only been on mainstream media once (in Spanish)?!/noticias/la-cruzada-de-karen-hudes ?
Only 6% of the people believe the mainstream media these days, anyway.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666


On Sun, Apr 24, 2016 at 9:05 AM, Duane wrote:

Subject: Treasures Hidden Away

Message Body:
Hello Karen,

I have been listening to your videos all night. [ ]


Your main plank is that the gold is all hidden
& the bankers owe the people.


Revolution to supplant banking system will not happen without this ammunition to share with the disgruntled citizens.

This mail is sent via contact form on kahudes


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Karen Hudes Whistleblower: Folks, Banking Cartel lost; trying to censor Amazon Web Services now See my first comment:

28 Sep

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Folks, Banking Cartel lost; trying to censor Amazon Web Services now See my first comment:

Please watch and read the comments on the video link below:

@KarenHudes The elite have betrayed their duty to the people.

28 Sep

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The elite have betrayed their duty to the people:

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dear People,

Every day I learn more about the reality that we now share, a reality in which the Banking Cartel must continue to convince us that their lies are true, while more and more of us see through the charade. I am going to post two old tweets now:

One thing that I learned recently is that the coalition that includes the world’s military powers is communicating with me very directly. This morning a military helicopter flew directly overhead, and quite low in the sky. Someone commented in youtube, saying that this is to harass me. Not so. It is to let me know that the Knights of Malta in the US military are unable to prevent the coalition for the rule of law from communicating.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

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No automatic alt text available.Re: The elite have betrayed their duty to the people _______________________________________________________________________________

Karen Hudes                                                        Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 8:25 AM

To:,,,, DSH-SR <>,, “Jan-Willem-le.Grand” <>,,, Lokaal Geld <>, “elvetwelve .” <>,,,, dmh-gb <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Cc:,,,,, Keshini Ladduwahetty <>,, “cc: rosaleen_manzi” <>, “elizabeth.mccarroll <>, “rebecca.mirza” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>, National Taxpayers Union,

Annemiek Schrijver: 20:06: You have been very critical about the elite. In the Sap report (“The Economy of the Future” you said, “We have hit the boards enormously wrong on all the fronts.” You are ready to shake everything up.

Herman Wijffels: I was interviewed for the report. It is my sincere opinion that through different developments and circumstances, the elite, not only in our country, but in others, have betrayed their duty to the people.

Wijffels angered at “digging” into his past
9/22/2007 Herman Wijffels says that his past was delved into “in a shocking manner” this year. According to the man who formed the current Dutch cabinet, this took place during his work at the World Bank, where he chaired the committee that looked into the controversial dealings of Bank President Paul Wolfowitz.
Wolfowitz had to step down following Wijffels’ inquiry into Wolfowitz’ possible conflicts of interest.

Wolfowitz had given his girlfriend, who also worked at the bank, a very large raise.
According to Wijffels, “third parties” tried to surface issues from his past which might have discredited him. The former head of the Rabobank did not want to provide details. But Wijffels said that the White House had played a large role in the struggle over the leadership at the World Bank. ‘In my case, there was nothing to find, but my colleagues on the Board of the World Bank were dismayed. There were definite attempts at disqualification,’ said Wijffels.

—–Original Message—–
From: karenhudes
Cc: rene-van.hell <>; riny.bus<>; wijnand.marchal<>; n.m.blokker<>
Sent: Tue, Aug 5, 2008 6:39 am
Subject: Re: Multilateralism and Governance at the World Bank

Geachte Heer Wijffels,

Ik hoop dat het Audit Comite mijn klokkenluider aanklacht opneemt.
De regering van Nederalnd had reeds drie jaar eerder naar dit oplossing
gezocht. Ik denk dat het ook de wens is van het Congres van de V.S.

Karen Hudes
Dear Mr. Wijffels,
I hope that the Audit Committee will take up my whistleblower complaint. The government of the Netherlands had requested this solution three years earlier. I believe that this is also the wish of the US Congress

RE: German ED Office and ILW October 18th 2008
From: Karen Hudes
To: Sabine Schlemmer-Schulte
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 5:33 am

I’m so glad you can make it for the panel. Your presence is extremely
important because you have so much insight into the issues not only
from the European perspective, but also because of your mastery of all
of the issues and membership on the original ILA panel on
accountability of international organizations.

Maybe at some point it makes sense to separate the ICSID Secretary
General function from that of General Counsel, but not now, and not in
this way. Whitney Debevoise, the US ED, was a lawyer with an active
ICSID practice. Whitney was instrumental in the firing of Roberto
Danino because Roberto had a brown bag lunch for counsel to Peru on a
controversial ICSID arbitration in which Whitney was counsel to the
expropriated investors. Whitney used to live two houses away from me;
he sold his house to Suzanne Folsom.

At the farewell lunch for Antonio Parra, Whitney complained to me
about the brown bag lunch, and I suggested he call Suzanne. After
Roberto Danino left, Roberto asked David Freestone to read me an angry
letter that he had written, threatening me with a lawsuit for slander.
Now with Nassib Ziade (who was rewarded for admitting tampered
documentation in my case when he was Executive Secretary on the
Administrative Tribunal) as Deputy, and Whitney pulling strings on the
hiring of ICSID’s Secretary General before he returns to his lucrative
practice, is not the time or way to separate the ICSID S.G. function.
Maybe later, after governance issues are resolved, and the human
resources function at the World Bank is given true independence and
professionalism. Right now, the Human Resources function is a travesty.

The executive search firm selected to hire the ICSID Secretary
General was the firm who advised the World Bank whether there was a
Sarbanes Oxley problem after they interviewed me for General Counsel in
2006. Obviously, they now have an incentive to keep their mouth shut
about their advice on the governance matters. I think the logical step
is to ask Russell Reynolds to replace Ziade and not the Secretary

The US Congress called the Treasury Department to ask for my
reinstatement, but Treasury told them that there was no support on the
Board for this. I plan to go in to the Bank and Congress tomorrow
morning. Can I inform Congress to tell Treasury that the Germans are in
favor of my reinstatement? I have asked the Audit Committee
to remove my case from the Appeals Committee, which is a total kangaroo court.
Take care,

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Karen Hudes Whistleblower: Lots of good responses to the DCTV segment yesterday: 

27 Sep

Lots of good responses to the DCTV segment yesterday: 

This video shows a hidden reality: Brett Kavanaugh no longer wants to be nominated as Justice on the US Supreme Court and has withdrawn from consideration.

Please watch the video and read the comments from the link below:

@KarenHudes  Why did YouTube break the link to the teleprompter?                 

26 Sep

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@KarenHudes …

Network of Global Corporate Control9 25 18

341 views                                 360SHARE

Published on Sep 25, 2018

This video shows a hidden reality:
Brett Kavanaugh no longer wants to be nominated as Justice on the US Supreme Court and has withdrawn from consideration. He does not want to be bankrupted under a commercial lien. On September 4, 2018 I served Kavanaugh an affidavit under the common law, accusing him of withholding the world’s monetary gold reserves and harming me as the Overseer Mandate Trustee of a Fund containing the world’s monetary gold reserves and other wealth. The Banking Cartel is hiding this fact with Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct.
I told the Black Nobility who control the world’s central bankers that they will not gain anything by delaying the Global Currency Reset to exchange paper currencies for gold.
The Black Nobility dropped a nuclear bomb on the continental shelf of the United States off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina at 11 pm on October 7, 2013. The US Seismic system was turned off just prior to this nuclear bomb. I claim that the world coalition fighting the central bankers is stronger because I am able ask who ordered the US seismic system to be shut down just prior to the bomb on October 7, 2013.
Beth Major14 minutes ago
Very good video this week, thank you so much. I am seeing and experiencing subtle changes in family members consciousness of reality. The truth has a very special and dynamic way of manifesting in the hearts of good people even if they are not fully aware in their minds yet of the whole truth. I’m so grateful that our ‘heart’ minds can supercede the false in unfolding new ways.
Stella VerhoefStella Verhoef10 minutes ago
�❤��� Interesting segment. Why is Judicial Watch not all over this? ��❤������
Beth MajorBeth Major49 minutes ago
It’s saying that this teleprompter is dated 7/24/18 dear Karen. It seems it may be a broken link.
Karen HudesKaren Hudes1 second ago
Thank you. I have reset the teleprompter, and uploaded it on internet archive.

Evan WadeEvan Wade1 hour ago                                                                                                      Thank you. Thumbs up #29.                                                                                                  Health to all.

Tjay WASHINGTONTjay WASHINGTON1 hour ago (edited)                                                                            34th thumb up, have to watch every episode two, sometime three times, thanks.