Patent Approved for Anti-Gravity Spacecraft using Mass Reduction & Non-Conventional Propulsion

12 Feb

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Warning: This article presents information that sounds like it comes out of a high-tech Hollywood sci-fi production.I suggest you first view the patent filing linked here to verify its credibility before proceeding.

Because the patent was filed by the US Navy and is now under an “Active” status, this is the real deal.This is NOT a work of fiction.

The Short Story

The US government approved a patent for a spacecraft that uses anti-gravity (“repulsive gravity”), mass reduction and non-conventional (non-explosive combustion) propulsion. This form of propulsion possibly means no flames or explosions, but perhaps near-silent electromagnetic field propulsion.

The Long Story

As of this writing the US Patent and Trade Office (PTO) on or about July 10, 2019, has granted to the US Department of the Navy an “Active” status to item #US10144532B2. This patent is classified as B64G1/409 Unconventional Spacecraft Propulsion Systems“.

The abstract for…

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  1. John Helios February 12, 2020 at 3:31 am #

    The corresponding power source for this spacecraft was also patented a few weeks ago. Powerful enough to provide for an entire small city. Read here:


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