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Karen Hudes Whistleblower: 10/30/18 7pm EST “Implementing the Global Currency Reset”

25 Oct

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10/30/18 7pm EST “Implementing the Global Currency Reset”


Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes. Welcome to the Series on the Network of Global Corporate Control. Today’s segment is pre-recorded and is called “Implementing the Global Currency Reset”. Thanks to DCTV, to Carmen Stanley, Program Director, Maurice Jackson, Studio Producer and Director, Krushae Starnes, Audio and Teleprompter, __________, Floor Director.


We are following in the footsteps of Ferdinand Marcos and José Rizal, who deposited the world’s wealth that was formerly held by the Grey Pope, leader of the Grey Jesuit Council, and head of the Ptolemaic Papal bloodline families of the Vatican. At the end of WWII, Marcos and Rizal established the World Bank and IMF, to administer the world’s wealth after 50 years. This chart summarizes the world’s financial system and Ferdinand Marcos’ role as M1.

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As a whistleblower in the World Bank’s legal department, I was strategicallyNo automatic alt text available. placed. That is why the National Defense College handed me their power transition model in 2004. We are now in a coalition of the world’s military powers and people to end the corruption in the world’s money system.


Why the Banking Cartel is afraid of the Power Transition Model and
deleted this tweet:

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It is because the Power Transition Model shows that the Banking Cartel is going to lose.

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July 24, 2015

To the Members of the Development Committee:

The Global Currency Reset from the assets in the Global Debt Facility described in is under implementation. The action items in the Letter of Intent  will need to be addressed:

• the proposed draft Monetary Agreement which was forwarded to the Tokyo embassies
• the historic price of gold
• advance administrative costs approved by the Board of Executive Directors on June 22, 2014
• my admittance to World Bank and IMF headquarters and country offices
• differentiating and disposing of excess, speculative foreign currencies
• audit of gold in the Global Debt Facility and claims of possible thefts
• winding down the network of global corporate control and bankruptcy of the banks operating under various jurisdictions
• transition arrangements; local currencies
• bailment laws

It is the responsibility of the Development Committee and the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF to see to it that the transition from fractional reserve fiat currencies to currencies containing gold from the Global Debt Facility equivalent to the face value of the bill  proceeds transparently and calmly. I look forward to working with you.

[I will come back to these agenda items]
We will go through the agenda items one by one. I will tell you what each of these agenda items means. The important thing to realize is that we are all going to work together in implementing these items. Because the corruption is so deep,, it is going to be challenging to get things right, especially in the beginning. That is why we are going to go back and “retrofit” what has been done initially, and also why we are going to tackle the corruption in the money first.

Two other points:
1) the World Bank’s Articles of Agreement are set up for grassroots governance. At the very first meeting of the World Bank Board of Executive Directors, the US said that the Articles would be interpreted by the other members on the Board:

2) We all have our work cut out for us. Get in a study group so that you can work
together with the rest of us. Here is a comment from the last DCTV video on YouTube:


50th comment, you do know that I have to listen two or three times, to get the message

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Great interview Karen & very informative I send blessings upon you as you are a true hero in the world of politics and gearing the country on the positive aspects of bringing us back together with our rights our gold and stamina to be strong. I’m with u

Thank you. Knowing all of us are in this together
makes it all possible.
11:59 PM – 22 Oct 2018

One way that we know we are ready to implement the Global Currency Reset is because the Banking Cartel is hoping that we will leave implementation to them. That would not be a Global Currency Rese in that case. The whole point of the Global Currency Reset is to get rid of the Banking Cartel and its corruption. When we wind down the Banking Cartel, and cut off its income, we do not want to have the Banking Cartel continue its corruption and continue to bother us. Recently a Banking Cartel agent named Darryl Fite contacted me, offering to help implement the Global Currency Reset in Indonesia.

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• the proposed draft Monetary Agreement which was forwarded to the Tokyo embassies
• the historic price of gold
• advance administrative costs approved by the Board of Executive Directors on June 22, 2014
• my admittance to World Bank and IMF headquarters and country offices
• differentiating and disposing of excess, speculative foreign currencies
• audit of gold in the Global Debt Facility and claims of possible thefts
• winding down the network of global corporate control and bankruptcy of the banks operating under various jurisdictions
• transition arrangements; local currencies
• bailment laws


As we work through this agenda to rid the world from corruption in the world’s money, we are going to learn from one another. We are getting “the hang of it”. There is no going back. Please reach out to others and work together with them. The Global Currency Reset is a group activity. Until next week, I am your host, Karen Hudes.

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Karen Hudes Retweeted Karen Hudes I am working on a longer tweet about the function of the Overseer Mandate Trustee. In the meantime, think about Switzerland. I first tweeted this about Switzerland in 2016.

24 Aug

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Karen Hudes Retweeted Karen Hudes

I am working on a longer tweet about the function of the Overseer Mandate Trustee. In the meantime, think about Switzerland. I first tweeted this about Switzerland in 2016.
@KarenHudes 7 Dec 2016 
World headquarters of evil:

Sean Hross forwarded this article on
“The Secret of Switzerland’s Success”
to me today:

Image result for Swiss Flag picture

World Headquarters of Evil? January 7, 2011

by Wolfgang Besserer (in Zurich)

Switzerland is a country without any natural resources, producing expensive watches, chocolate and milk products, unable to compete in international markets due to one of the highest costs of labor – yet it is one of the richest countries in the world!

True she has Nestles, Novartis and Asea Brown Boveri but I think the secret is Credit Suisse and UBS. Switzerland became a perfectly controllable serf for the Illuminati Bankers and has been entrusted with many delicate and important tasks. Due to this role, it is never exposed to wars and financial catastrophes – proving how both are controllable and artificially inflicted on the rest of us.

I have lived in Switzerland for 14 years and here are my observations of this strange place and even stranger people.

1. Back in medieval ages, a group of communities tucked between Alpine peaks created a tiny country. Eventually other small communities (not only German but French and Italian as well) joined. What is the “glue” holding this country together? It is not the language and the culture.

These three nationalities actually HATE each other. Swiss people even joke about it! They do not have friends in the other parts; they do not intermarry, and they rarely travel to the other parts. There are some mixed towns. This means you must talk German on the eastern side of the river and French on the western, that’s all. Regardless the fact that it’s mandatory to learn the language of your neighbor in school, do not expect the French Swiss to respond in German or vice versa. In the Italian part, the safest bet (besides Italian) is to speak English!

2. The Vatican, one of the greatest evils of this planet, very early (in the year 1506) created the Vatican Swiss Guard. Why can only Swiss people provide its security? They do not need to be Catholics ( but must be Swiss. Why? Here in Switzerland everybody knows that when the Swiss Guard boys retire and come home, they join a very exclusive “ole boys club”. They become practically untouchable by the police, obtain the most lucrative positions etc.

By the way, if one Swiss guy wants to become officially Catholic, all he needs to do is to write “Catholic” on his tax return. From this moment on, a portion of his income goes there instead of his original church. Isn’t that great? The state puts your money in the tithe basket on your behalf!

3. During the Napoleonic wars (read: when Rothschild defeated all European powers at once and became their “controller”) Switzerland was invaded for the last time in history. Since then, the banking industry became number one here and Switzerland became immune to financial meltdowns and military conflicts elsewhere.

4. Majority of global “movers and shakers” meetings (like the World Economic Forum in Feb. 2009) takes place in Switzerland. One is Davos, one St.Moritz, sometimes Geneva. Don`t make me laugh – it’s not for the scenery. It is for the same reason why only Swiss people (regardless Catholics or not) are allowed to protect the pope.

5. In every country of the world you can meet different people: good and bad, lazy and workaholics, funny and without sense of humour. The key word is DIFFERENT or VARIETY. Here all the people (except immigrants of course) act the same. It is not about being obsessed with quality or being workaholic. I have no problem with that.

The problem starts when you ask local people questions, serious questions about life, social issues, politics etc. You will hear the same answers, very often put into the same words, even similar facial expressions. I can understand that some cultures promote individualism more than others, but this Robot-like behavior of the whole population reminds me some cheap horror movies.

How is this possible? It seems to be some kind of mind control application that works. The population became so uniform and predictable that it is safe for the ruling elite to use it.

Perhaps psychiatry has something to do with it. In Zurich there are more psychiatrists than dentists! At the same time, Switzerland has the highest percentage of the retarded/mentally “challenged” persons I have ever seen.

The use of psychiatry as a tool of control (governmental terror) is very well known. Most political dissidents of the late Soviet Union ended up in the psycho-wards because “you had to be crazy to see the Soviet Union as less than a perfect state”.

Some cultures (like French or Italian) live by the rule “live and let others live”. Swiss follow the rule “suffer and make others suffer”.

Hard to believe, but here, in Switzerland the quality of your work does not matter. Your boss or supervisor WILL come and WILL be upset with your “poor performance” (regardless quality and/or quantity- wise). Then, somebody above your boss WILL be upset with his “poor performance”.

This is a daily procedure of establishing and confirming who is under-dog, upper-dog and alpha-dog in the group. Weird, isn’t it?

Let me add two more (quite funny) examples.

First – following the aforementioned “suffer and make others suffer” doctrine, Swiss created a law that you are not allowed to flush your toilet at night! Everything must stay put till 7AM! Sounds unbelievable but please check it out on the Internet.

For the second – Regardless which side of a sidewalk you choose, the approaching person will walk straight into you and force you to step aside. At first you think it was a strange coincidence but after a few years here you learn the trick. You MUST walk straight into incoming person and look him/her straight in the face ready for a collision/confrontation. You MUST force the other person to step aside. It is a “dog’s world” here.

The Swiss mentality has an unwanted (but unavoidable) by-product: COMPLETE LACK OF CREATIVITY. How many real, worldwide recognized artists has Switzerland produced?

Yes, it is true: ZERO. Zero in the past, present and future. The only “exception” I found was the famous architect Le Corbusier but even he moved to France, took French citizenship and never returned to Switzerland. There is more. He become a vocal supporter of Mussolini and when the fascist Vichy government was established – he joined it! Now of course these “little details” are swept under the rug.

In some countries, prostitution is legal, in some it is not. In Switzerland, it is legal. The minimum age is 16! I This is legalizing child prostitution so worldwide media never mention it. Currently Swiss parliament debates a proposition to legalize incest….(see video)

You can try an internet search: “evil France”, “horrors of Russia”, “dirt in the USA” and you will find many articles. Some true, some not, but many. If you try similar search on Switzerland, you will find nothing. Coincidence? When some people say “evil rules the world” I am ready to respond “and resides in Switzerland”.

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Comments for “The Secret of Switzerland’s Success”

Tony said (January 8, 2011):

You have restored my faith that there is some sanity in an insane world. And salinity too.

I have long noted the negative image of the Swiss flag representing the positive image of the Templar’s mark which the Pope wears on certain raiment and which the British ships flew on the claiming of America. We can learn a lot from vexillology and heraldry, not to mention Corporate logos.

Speaking of which: are you familiar with the term absconding? In Heraldry, which is the progenitor of Vexillology, the term absconding refers to the process of superimposing one image on top of another completing hiding the latter from view but not removing it. Note that the constellation portion of the U.S. Flag is actually a representation of the U.K. Flag, which contains representations of both the Templars and Hospitaliers flags, but is, as it were, hidden in plain sight. I kid you not. Just make the comparison. I will send you pics of the flags if it is more convenient. The Constellation also incorporates 30 rows of stars, counting all directions, and, rows/columns in groups of 3 in all directions. 33 is, of course, the highest Masonic rank which is itself broken down into multiple levels.

The bars of the U.S. Flag, 13 in number and red and white in color, convey the Templar and British colors and show their position as the army’s of Rome and partners in triumvirate rule as well as the most powerful Masonic number. Even more powerful than 6 or 666.

We may note also that the Flag of D.C. is 3 bars of white, 3 mullets, or stars, and, incorporating the row of stars to form a bar, gives us 3 rows of red also. Again, the colors and numbers of the Masons/Templars are present conveying the image of authority as well as responsibility and submission to Rome in an oblique way. Of course I include Skull and Bones when I say Mason. And, of course, their is a division of both the labor and the spoils between the York and Scottish Rites, and the Hospitaliers, but, they all owe allegiance to Rome.

The book Simulacra, basis for the Matrix movie concept, went far in showing the power and pervasiveness of symbols and logos and their ability to influence and even program the conscious and subconscious minds. Actually, it is an inherent essence in power and control.

Tying all of these symbolic ‘threads’ together presents the rope that is being used to hang the human race with a New World Order that has been in development for thousands of years. Only our conscious and super-conscious minds can resist it. Physically we are nothing.

Now, I hate to bore you but, what is even more significant than symbols? More to the point, what is the basis for symbols themselves?

A mark, or, the mark. Of a person, place, substance, you name it (pun intended). And, the mark, signature, etc., represents what is even more fundamental and important, the character or nature of that mark or name. Where am I going with this? Will you guess?


Spartacus said (January 8, 2011):

Fact about Switzerland’s social scene that is hidden under the carpet – but duly pointed out in Besserer’s article and that was –

1) “Switzerland has the highest percentage of the retarded/mentally “challenged” persons I have ever seen.”

and 2) Currently Swiss parliament debates a proposition to legalize incest….

About twenty five years ago I talked to a Phd (Psychiatry and languages) who taught in Lausanne. He underlined the fact that incest was the accepted norm in the Alps and became ingrained in the Swiss culture but in the their usual Swiss demeanour, never talked about or discussed.

This went on for hundreds of years – ditto the comentary of passage #1 – “highest percentage of retarded”.

Where I live in Cornwall, it is an accepted joke about the intellectual level of some inhabitants and how intermarriage between first cousins and outright incest prevailed from the 19th C till present. Statistically, there is a greater number of “mentally challenged” on account of this “mixing”and Switzerland, it seems, is finding it necessary to “legitimize” this abomination. Consider that heinous crime discovered in Austria some two years ago whereas the father copulated with his daughter and produced seven children

If you scratch the surface of that cold surface of the Swiss Alps, you will likely find the same Fritzls having produced hundred of faceless “swiss” who lost the ability to smile. Maybe half the country?? It would be a hell of an investigative piece to do!

Bruno said (January 8, 2011):

This is a very interesting article especially since I grew up in south-western German maybe 60 miles north of the Swiss border and 15 miles east of the French border.

There is some great truth to this article. When I grew up this Swiss ‘success’ had always been attributed to one of their great saints, St. Nicolas of Flue or a more secular type, Wilhelm Tell, a freedom fighter of sorts. But the Swiss were still a strange people.

In more recent times, I learned that the “great” psychologist Karl Jung who was and maybe still is the rage of all the world even in ‘modern’ mystical theology, lived in the Swiss Alps and developed his psychological theories there by looking into these deep mountain lakes from whose depths arose the spirits who taught him this wonderfully amiable zoology of demonology. (I’m a bit sarcastic).

And the world loves it. Yeah I can easily understand why they have lots of psychiatrists and now want to legalize incest. Even back in the good old 1990’s my collegues at work loved to go to Switzerland to ‘monitor’ contract studies going on there and watching the nude women bathers at the wonderful Swiss lakes.

There used to be rare documentaries on TV about why Switzerland became so powerful. When in 1301 AD (or thereabouts) the French King executed the Kinghts Templars (KT) some of them fled to Switzerland. Not that anybody knows for sure. But at that time it just so happened that there was war in the Swiss Alps and the locals, being merely shepherd and goat keepers, had no chance against the well trained mercenaries from the crusades looking for a place to put their Byzantine loot to good use (and everybody else’s treasures they met on their way). This is when the money laundering system was invented, right there in the middle of Europe at the pivotal cross roads of north-south and east-west corridors.

Some of the KT’s ran off to Scotland where the oldest Freemasons of the Scottish rites developed, blossomed and spread over the world just like the Swiss money capital.

There you have the secret of Swiss success: occult ‘science’ in the form of psychology, money empire based on the old KTs (who hate everybody, even themselves), and the ‘brotherhood’ of world domination.


Andy said (January 8, 2011):

Most of Besserer’s text is complete BS. The different ethnic groups do mix. My own family intermarried many times. You do have to be Catholic to join the Swiss Guard. You cannot convert by merely checking off a box on your taxes. Switzerland is the only true democratic Country in the World. [Recently] a minaret prohibition was forced by the people, and a law to throw out non swiss citizen criminals after serving a punishment in prison from Switzerland. With just 100’000 Subscriptions you can beat any new law and the people will make decision!

Same with the Bankers from UBS and other Rogue Banks, if they don’t do a proper job in future, money guaranties will be ceased by the decision of people. And it seems that this could occur in the near future as it is obvious that always the same peoples are behind the Scenes in this Banks. People are awakening here in Switzerland. If u beat them up u will have really serious problems.

The actual Government is under observation and if you are a swiss citizen and discuss with others you will face a great anger on these “Government Puppets” of the Federal Counsel and the Parliament. They wish to tear us in the European Union but 80% of the citizens don’t want to join.


Paul said (January 8, 2011):

I too lived in Switzerland a few years back … i stuck it out for about 6 months (near Zurich) and that was enough for me. I can agree with many points the author of the article makes. I didn’t know about the restriction of flushing the toilet after 7, though using a lawnmower on a Sunday could end with a civilian riot squad at your door.

Yes the trains do run on time and their chocolate is pretty good but there is something disturbing about the blandness and homogeneous feel about the place. I found the lack of humor disturbing, and also the lack of color…lack of the joys of life . Oh my they do seem to fear people who are not swiss, though they let people in to the country to do the low paid jobs the swiss don’t want to do themselves.

Apparently it has one of the highest standards of living in the world which is probably true, but that’s not my kind of living.

I am encouraged by some of the youth i met while there. Switzerland over the next few years will change greatly I’m sure. The Internet as in many countries has/is eating away at the granite walls of isolation and insular collective identity.

One fact that really surprised me was that Switzerland in relation to the geographical size of the country has more freeway/motorway infrastructure than any other country in the world. Perhaps its excess is symptomatic of the pervading greyness that presently exists there.


Johnny said (January 8, 2011):

I am writing you from Switzerland and I have just finished your article ‘The Secret of Switzerland’s Success.’ I am an American and I’ve lived here close to Basel going on six years. I have , as you mentioned, read very few articles regarding much of anything about this country. Your article is 100% beyond a doubt the truth. When one has enough insight and peers beyond the pretty window dressing – that the Swiss are masters of – one does find an ugly if not down right hideous form of existence. After my first two months of exploration and observance – especially mannerisms, as I didn’t speak the language – I seemed to gain an awareness of evil. My wife, who is Swiss, said that I was paranoid. I have since expressed these thoughts to other auslanders who get the same feeling. I quote from an old song written by John Kay of the ‘Steppenwolf ’ band. From the song ‘The Pusher.’ ‘People walking around with tombstones in their eyes.’ There are no smiles and what ever laughter one hears in the peripheral seemed overbearing and forced. One evening , my wife and I were riding the tram out to visit a friend of hers and a drunken man sitting facing us commented on my smiling, ‘you are surely not from here because no one ever smiles here.’ His words were translated to me by my wife and I’m sure that in a sober frame of mind he wouldn’t have said two words to me.

Peoples dress reflects their state of mind and here in Switzerland the many dress as if their attending a funeral. ‘Robotic’ is one way to describe the mind set, ‘Zombie’ being as close to the truth.

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