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27 Feb

Cobra Update 2-26-14…”We Have The Power”

27 Feb

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portal2012_logo_vertical41 About to retire to my bed, I had been having internet challenges (a statewide occurrence, Oceanic said), but turned on computer just now and found this at NesaraNews . So I checked and found indeed a new post at Portal 2012. Here it is (for pics please go to Cobra’s site ).

“We are entering a very interesting period in a few days. Let me conclude by making a hint that mass arrest scenario is not the only aspect of the plan to remove the Cabal from power.

“Victory of the Light is near!”


We Have The Power

Despite appearances, we have the power. Free will is the ultimate law in this universe and when a critical mass of people makes a decision for the planetary liberation and insists long enough, that liberation inevitably comes. This is the highest natural law and the Cabal will have to obey it…

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Benjamin Fulford 2-25-14…”War in the Ukraine and more banker murders as cabal end-game begins”… FULL ARTICLE

27 Feb

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benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk31 All I will add here is this… “It’s one wild ride for you, if you are a banker!!”

[Kp note 2-27-14: I watched the video from Japan, but did not see “a man laughing hysterically as he throws a fish into the Pacific Ocean”. I saw a man with cap and glasses, putting fish into some body of water, but certainly not laughing hysterically.

The implication of this video may well be that it is a message to the Rockefeller/Illuminati clans that Japan is removing all of these “foreign invaders” from Japan (and the world?).]

I will post the full article after 3 days.*


War in the Ukraine and more banker murders as cabal end-game begins
Posted February 25, 2014

The Eastern Europeans and Asians are mobilizing for some sort of big global push against the cabal over the coming days, according to Russian and Asian sources. The…

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27 Feb


27 Feb



27 Feb

Steve Beckow 2-26-14… “Calling in the Experts”

27 Feb

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Steve_Beckow-himself_renewed4 I love this article by Steve. I believe it points to many things I’m sure many of us are going through, or have been, and points out where the actual, final, true rewards are… within each of us. Thank you, Steve.

“…It’s our job to remain calm and confident in the final outcome. It’s our role to find the rewards for our work inside rather than outside. For now, that is. Later there will be both, but that time is still in the offing.

“…The real reward is the increase in the refinement of our vibrations, which is an inner thing and will tangentially bring us the ability to create what we need… the real rewards lie within.

“And it’s only this next short while that we need to find a way through. And that’s the most important time for us to get through, united, cooperatively, creatively. It was for…

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