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Karen Hudes: WB letter to all Nation member (Minister and Secretary of Finance) through KH.

31 Mar

The World Bank

1818 H Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20433

(202) 473-1000
Cable Address: INTBAFRAD
Cable Address: INDEVAS

March 25, 2015

Hon. Cesar V. Purisima
Secretary of Finance
c/o H.E. Jose Jr. Lampe Cuisia
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
1600 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036


Your Excellency,

This is further to my email to the New York and Tokyo embassies dated
March 19, 2015, a copy of which is enclosed for your ready reference.
I also refer to my letter dated January 8, 2015 to Dr. Janet Yellen
concerning the fraudulent claims of the Federal Reserve, copied to you
and the rest of the members on the Board of Governors. Since then, a
Notarial Protest has been lodged with the Universal Postal Union.

As determined by the Development Committee and subsequently informed
to them, the
Global Debt Facility has filed financing statements with the 12 Federal
Reserve Banks in the US.
Country debt will be offset against the obligations held by the Global Debt

The funds of the Global Debt Facility are for the benefit of humanity and
may not be transferred without the protocols in the Bilateral Minesfield
Breakthrough Successor Agreement, which will include
decisions to be taken by the Board of Governors and authorized signature.
The Board of Governors has determined that there will need to be full
agreement about the disposition of assets in the Global Debt Facility. So
far, the only agreed disposition is the replacement of fractional reserve
fiat currency and remediation of Fukushima as set out in the letters to
the Tokyo embassies.

Click to access ltokyoembassies1.pdf

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund Development
Committee serve as liaisons to the full Board of Governors. The
Development Committee is currently considering the following
implementation measures.
• the proposed draft Monetary Agreement which was forwarded to
the Tokyo embassies
• the historic price of gold• advance administrative costs approved
by the Board of Executive Directors on June 22, 2014
• my admittance to World Bank and IMF headquarters and country
• differentiating and disposing of excess, speculative foreign currencies
• audit of gold in the Global Debt Facility and claims of possible thefts
• winding down the network of global corporate control and bankruptcy
of the banks operating under various jurisdictions
• transition arrangements; local currencies
• bailment laws
• establishing a sound communications strategy

These matters affect each and every nation. The Network of Global
Corporate Control is violating the Articles of Agreement of the World
Bank and International Monetary Fund The President
of the World Bank and the Managing Director of the IMF cannot overrule
the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF or their Boards of
Executive Directors; the Boards have full authority to conduct the general
operations of the World Bank and IMF.

I refer to my letter of June 26, 2014 to H.E. Mr. Manuel M. Lopez and
would appreciate learning which persons will be negotiating the Monetary
Agreement on behalf of the Philippines.

Click to access Monetary+Agreement1.pdf

Similar letters are being sent to the other 187 Ambassadors of the World
Bank and IMF membership, for transmittal to Ministers of Finance in their
respective countries. .

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Legal Counsel Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

Source Link:
page 258-259

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