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Is Donald Trump A Part Of The New World Order?

31 Mar

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Karen Hudes : We are intelligent enough to get our bearings

31 Mar

Farewell fossil fuels? Biomass broken down without chemicals for 1st time, study claims

31 Mar

Farewell fossil fuels? Biomass broken down without chemicals for 1st time, study claims

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Scientists have made a huge leap in lessening our dependence on fossil fuels, managing to break down raw biomass without using chemicals for the very first time. The result was record high amounts of clean liquid hydrocarbon fuel, according to a new study.

When dealing with the possibility of breaking down biomass, a substance known as lignin – one of the components in the woody material used to produce fossil fuel – has traditionally been seen as a challenge, as it is difficult to break down and convert into useful fuel. As such, it often requires high levels of energy or the use of chemicals.

To study this further, a team of scientists from the University of Manchester and East China University of Science and Technology stewed a catalyst – made up of the metal complex niobium phosphate, with small particles of platinum scattered across the surface – with raw wood sawdust for 20 hours at 190° Celsius (374° Fahrenheit) and a pressure of 50 atmospheres.

The catalyst was able to directly break down and convert into lignin. The result is encouraging for scientists, who believe it could be a first step in the process of converting biomass into fuel.

“The conversion of biomass into fuels typically requires separations and pre-treatments to the raw biomass, thus suffering high energy penalties,” study author Dr. Sihai Yang said in a statement.

However, he noted that “this catalyst showed exceptionally high activity in splitting the carbon-oxygen bonds, the most challenging step in the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass.”

“This new catalytic process can therefore directly convert raw biomass to liquid fuels without separations or chemical pre-treatments, leading to significant potential energy savings,” Yang said.

The production of biomass offers an energy alternative that is almost carbon neutral, since the carbon dioxide used is recycled in plant photosynthesis.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications on Thursday.

Environmentalists argue that fossil fuels are extremely damaging to the environment, and have urged for the vast majority of such resources to be kept underground in order to prevent climate change.

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@KarenHudes .@RussiaInsider passing unfettered messages to the elites

31 Mar

The number of views on this German video about Erdogan doubled overnight:

.@RussiaInsider passing unfettered messages to the elites:

Why Are Russia and China Buying Gold, Tons of It?

Gold is one of the most fascinating of all rare metals. Throughout all history it has been given a special, at times sacred or spiritual value, since six thousand years ago when the Egyptian Pharoahs’ tombs were filled with it to accompany the dead on their journey. In times of world financial crisis as in the 1930’s, gold is preferred by central banks and ordinary citizens as a store of value when paper money loses value. We are approaching another of those times when the accumulated paper debt of the dollar system is debasing the worth of paper dollars. What’s highly significant in this light is to see which central banks are buying all the gold they can get.

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@KarenHudes Another foiled attempt to steal the world’s assets.

31 Mar


Another foiled attempt to steal the world’s assets.

Broken links = over the target 

The World Bank                  1818 H Street N.W.                                   (202) 473-1000

INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT                   Washington, D.C. 20433                                                    Cable Address: INTBAFRAD


From: Karen Hudes <>                                                              Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 4:24 PM                                                                                   To: the Attached Distribution List                                                                                             Subject: Re: Another Misguided Attempt to Steal the Assets in the Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

The Dragons have nothing to do with anything after the 50 years of sequestration. The Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement, agreed to by China when Jose Rizal placed the assets into trust , governs.

I regard this as another hostile attempt to steal the world’s assets. This video on China and India, which was just posted on the internet, refers:

The Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF administer the Global Debt Facility. The Network of Global Corporate Control identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich is now in receivership in the Global Debt Facility.

The United States is in interregnum, and its illegal military rule exposed as a corrupt illegitimate regime, and stripped from power and authority, pending the return to constitutionality via Article V of the Constitution of 1789. Jim Kim and Christine Lagarde were fired for similar illegal attempts to usurp authority from the Board of Governors in contravention of the Articles of the Bretton Woods institutions.

During this interregnum, I convey the voice and vote of the United States on the Board of Governors and the Boards of Executive Directors of the World Bank and IMF. As I explained on March 1, 2016, the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have declared that the United States is in interregnum, due to the failure of the US Congress to convene the Convention required under Article V of the Constitution of 1789. Justice Anton Scalia’s unexplained sudden death only reinforces this fact.

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As I said the day before yesterday, the US Japan Joint Committee under the Status of Forces Agreement will not allow the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Note to crash and surrender the US unilaterally. The enlisted men and women in the US military have been learning about the corruption in the financial system and state capture of the US government for some time; they remain loyal to the people in the United States. Foreword:

Here is the rest of the book:

I explained yesterday to Beverly Perry, Jason Yuckenberg, and Tommie Jones in Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office that the United States’ secret military rule has ended, and that Mayor Muriel Bowser was relieved of her secret command under the Lieber Code.

                                              Sincerely,                                                                                                                                            Karen Hudes                                                                                                                               Acting General Counsel,                                                                                               International Bank for Reconstruction and Development                                              Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

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@KarenHudes Dorsett Price interview for the I Don’t Know TV Show, part 4:

31 Mar


Dorsett Price interview for the I Don’t Know TV Show, part 4:

IDK: The I Don’t Know TV Show w/Karen Hudes 2016 (Online Edition) Part 4

@KarenHudes Disclosing the extent of the lawyers’ corruption:

30 Mar
Sharing Alis Castano’s info with my Twitter account:

Disclosing the extent of the lawyers’ corruption:

@KarenHudes .@boltsandbars @3seawarrior47 @gurdena @Geoffrey_Cox @CatherineWoodQC @DexterDiasQC @felicitygerry @JolyonMaugham

30 Mar


.@boltsandbars @3seawarrior47 @gurdena @Geoffrey_Cox @CatherineWoodQC @DexterDiasQC @felicitygerry @JolyonMaugham

I reported the corruption in the international financial system in this email to the UK’s Financial Services Authority in 2012. The FSA has been divided now into two entities, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Preudential Regulation Authority. I included this message to the UK in my “tweet” to the Black Pope, Superior General Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, the Grey Pope, Mr. Pepe Orsini, and Vatican Apostolic Nunciature.


@KarenHudes Getting around ‪#‎MediaBlackout

30 Mar…/japanese-industrial-production-c…


Getting around ‪#‎MediaBlackout‬

The press in Japan is also being actively suppressed. Japan’s Joint US Committee under the Status of Forces Agreement is part of the coalition which is replacing the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Notes before they crash. This is the press release that the Joint Japan US Committee cleared, along with the National Taxpayers Unions in the US and Japan’s Taxpayers Union:

Zerohedge permitted me to post this comment; I was blocked from making comments after I accused Zerohedge of censorship and being another alternative mouthpiece for the Network of Global Corporate Control

Japanese Industrial Production Crashes Most Since 2011 Tsunami

While we are sure this will not deter Japanese officialdom from declaring that QQE and NIRP is working and that the deflation-mindset is being beaten, the fact is that whenFebruary’s 6.2% collapse in Japanese industrial production is compared to the devastatingly poor plunge aftwer March 2011’s quake, tsusnami, and nuclear ‘event’, something has gone disastrously wrong in Japan.

How America Was Conned into Fighting Hitler: The Lies, Crimes and Hypocrisy of FDR

30 Mar

This will be the first of several posts dealing with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s secret involvement in World War II, exposing his crimes against Germany which preceded Hitler’s declaration …

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