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Major Breakthrough in Free Energy: Overunity Demonstrated in the QEG

31 May

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overunity pic

Before we begin this ground-breaking post, we would like to share this important update that covers the events the FTW QEG team has experienced in the last two months of hands-on project work and traveling.

QEG Update – Taiwan, Morocco, Overunity and Next Steps

March 25th – April 14th

  • Opensourced QEG documents
  • Trained Taiwan team to reach resonance (go here for complete blog post)
  • Taiwan core shorted, was rewound
  • Due to delays in rewinding, overunity was not achieved before our trip ended (we changed our plans and plane tickets, prolonging our departure 5 days)
  • Made a wonderful discovery about the power in a QEG
  • Flew straight to Morocco instead of going home for a few days

April 15th – May 26th

  • Arrived in Morocco and couldn’t get the processed core out of customs for 2 weeks
  • Had parts shipped from US that had been difficult for the…

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So Much Going On… It’s Exhausting

27 May

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for May 26th, 2014

27 May

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for May 26th, 2014

27 May

Secret Alien Complex Hidden Beneath Romania’s Bucegi Mountains: Don’t Miss! [videos]

27 May

Ready for the disclosure…
Truth, Love & Light will set us free…
God Bless…us all his creation.

Synchronicity… Three Lightning Strikes in 3 Days… “Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon Announces Retirement”, “The Shard”, and “The Freedom Tower”

26 May

Kauilapele's Blog

lightning_freedom_tower_140523_video_snip[UPDATE: I forgot to mention and thank Dave Stewart for posting these and several other events on his Facebook page. Thanks Dave!!!]

There is absolutely NO coincidence among these events. Synchronicity. Synchronicity. Synchronicity.

The Vatican… the EU… the USA corporation. All struck by lightning. Within 3 days. This indicates so strongly that these groups are going down. They are being shocked, illuminated, and brought down.

  1. 5-20-14… Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon announces retirement.Video (with Kevin Annett) below. (okay, this is a “virtual” lightning strike)
  2. 5-22-14, The Shard (London; EU’s tallest building)… struck by lightning.Video below.
  3. 5-23-14, Freedom Tower… struck by lightning (2 days after it had opened). Video below. (Freedom Tower opened on 5-21-14).

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SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey 5-23-14…

26 May

Kauilapele's Blog

salusa_star102I finally post this one, as I sensed the time was ripe for it, and a couple I know have pointed out some uplifting messages here. My highlights are below.

“As we are aware of the wider picture we can assure you that good progress is being made, helped by the fact that the dark Ones are no longer able to do just as they wish. Their plan for total world control is no longer possible…

“When the critical point is reached in the twinkling of an eye you will be uplifted into the higher vibrations, totally free from the lower energies. So rest assured that regardless of events that are taking place around you, in the greater picture all proceeds well.

“…on Earth… those in positions of power who still hold on to the old vibrations are finding it becoming more difficult to impose their will upon others. The…

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