Karen Hudes: The Black Nobility.

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The Black Nobility


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the powerful notabilities and families behind it all….true? disinfo? you research!


Top Houses and Bloodlines of The Black


Top Houses and Bloodlines of the Black
Nobility House of the Snake The House
of Sforza The Savoy-Genovese Crime
Family Torlonia Banking Family
Massimo Crime Family …


Massimo Family and The Italian Nobility
Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio is a top owner of the Vatican and he also controls most of the Sicilian Mafia along with Prince Nicolo Boncompagni-Ludovisi. Brancaccio is a neighborhood in Sicily where La Cosa Nostra originated. The Massimo family are one of the oldest families of Rome and claim to be the ancient Fabii Maximi dynasty. The Fabii family were known for using the “scorched earth” military tactic in ancient Rome.  

The Fabian Society uses the wolf in sheep’s clothing as their logo. Fabian like Fabii. The Massimo family are married into various royal bloodlines including the House of Savoy, House of Bourbon, and House of Osorio of Galicia which controls Amancio Ortega the second wealthiest billionaire who is worth more than 70 billion. Amancio Ortega who lives in Galicia owns Inditex with a high end fashion store chain called Massimo Dutti. Prince Stefano Massimo married into the British Foxwell family and he is a fashion photographer.

Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News is a Vatican Knight of the Order of St Gregory. Fox is really for Foxwell. The fox is considered a cunning animal. Prince Valerio Massimo recently established the aerospace company Auctus Industries with Duke Edward Spencer Churchill a relative of the Windsor family. Prince Carlo Massimo covertly runs the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as the President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta.

Massimo family have billions in private Swiss bank accounts. The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican City State. Switzerland has a law enforcing private bank accounts. The Massimo family are at the top of the global crime syndicate and are involved in every crime imaginable including murder, extortion, threats, human trafficking, money laundering and more.

Members of the Massimo crime family include Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio,  Prince Giacomo Massimo-Brancaccio, Prince Carlo Massimo, Prince Stefano Massimo, Prince Valerio Massimo (Foxwell) and Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti II. Boncompagni means “Good Company” and is where the term Good Fellas derives from which is a term used by members of the Italian Mafia.

The Massimo family more recently took over the City of Rome through the Banda della Magliana or Roman Mafia which worked closely with the right wing fascist group called the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari which was lead by Massimo Carminati and he was nicknamed the “Last King of Rome” Both the Banda della Magliana and NAR were tied with the P2 Freemasonic Lodge also connected with the Vatican and Italian government with members like Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy and Silvio Berlusconi. The Massimo-Brancaccio family take their name from Brancaccio in Palermo Sicily where the Sicilian Mafia originated. Leaders of the mafia call themselves Dons just as Italian princes call themselves Dons which means lord. The name Massimo means greatest. The word Mag as in Magliana also refers to greatness or magnitude. 

The Massimo family own the Holy See corporation which is in contract with most of the corporate governments through covert contracts. They oversee the United States which is defined as a federal corporation under US code 3002 section 15.

The Colonna family oversee US politics and the US congress. Colonus is a Greek word meaning column. Christopher Columbus was a Colonna and the District of Columbia is named after him.

The Torlonia family are Vatican treasurers and they oversee the US treasury. The Medici family are bankers and tax collectors and they oversee the IRS and federal reserves along with the Borghese banking family. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York looks like the Palazzo Medici.

The Gaetani-D’aquila-D’aragona family oversees the US Department of  Agriculture. D’aragona means a valley and is connected with the word agra which means land. The Orsini family oversee the FDA. They have a rose on their coat of arms and control the Rosicrucian Order which are alchemists or chemists involved with food and drugs. The Massimo, Aldobrandini, and Bourbon-Parma families oversee the US Pentagon through the Jesuits and Georgetown.

The Dukes of Parma created the Jesuits and lived in a pentagon. The        Massimiliano Massimo Institute in Rome is the top Jesuit institution.

The Odescalchi family oversee some of Hollywood and the music industry. Ode means a musical poem.

The Pallavicini family and House of Windsor oversee DARPA and the USAF and many private corporations. The Pallavicini and other Austrian nobility created the Nazis which developed advanced technologies used by DARPA and the USAF.

The Sforza, Visconti, and Borromeo families oversee media. They are involved in Italian media and originated in Milan. Milan derives from the word Mediolanum and is considered a major international media center.

The Doria and Sacchetti families oversee Goldman Sachs. Doria means gold and Sacchetti means sacks. The Italian Nobility are meddling in everything.

The Holy See is the “All Seeing Eye” of society which is displayed on the US dollar and US Great Seal. Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin and translates to New Order of the Ages and is also on the US dollar and US Great Seal. The Vatican and Holy See use Latin for official documents. The Italian Nobility are at the head of the global crime syndicate.

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The Banking Cartel removed this Tweet from the internet:
I am posting the entire document with another active link, and giving the relevant portion about Donald Trump here:


We are now implementing the Global Currency Reset. Donald Trump has not and the so-called commanders in the US military have not challenged my statements that they are not in control, and that the US government is not legitimate, and that I represent the US on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund that manages the monetary gold reserves of the nations. I made this point and provided all the necessary documents as proof yesterday at the end of the teleprompter.
Not a single country or embassy has challenged this. This is strong proof. At the end of the teleprompter you can see these documents for yourself. I have just restored the document about how the Banking Cartel bombed Hiroshima, and how Auschwitz was actually a uranium enrichment facility. Watch what happens to this truth. It is a touchstone for reality.
After we have ended this corruption in the world’s money system, it is going to be hard for people to remember what it was like when the Banking Cartel was in charge. It is going to be especially hard for people to remember the turning point, and how people clung on to what some of us called the “normalcy bias” and resisted seeing the corruption, even though there was such strong proof.
The turning point, when the Global Currency Reset became irrevocable, was in August, 2016, and was noticed by a group of healers, who commented that “Energies are strong and chaotic.”
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Ralf Neumaier: Illuminati structure and bloodlines.


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